NPR Interview with Coach Joe Scott - Shot Clock & Other Stuff

Coach Joe Scott talks about the shortened shot clock, regular season NCAA qualifiers (vs. conference play-in tournaments), the importance of regional rivals, and how football helped him learn how to play under Pete Carril.

He makes a compelling argument, backed by facts, that a shortened shot clock does not necessarily mean  more scoring or more exciting basketball.

NPR Interview - Joe Scott


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments by coach Scott.

Real basketball fans appreciate the teamwork, intricacy and ball movement of Scott's offense. Having watched it for eight years at DU, Scott varies it a lot depending on the skills and experience level of his players. Some years, it's somewhat rigid, move the ball around the perimeter and hit the open shot while running down the shot clock. In other years, players have more green lights to drive when the lane is open, where they can either take it the rack or kick it out for an open perimeter shot as the defense collapses.

In any event, many college teams run NBA-style offenses where teamwork matters little - they just get the ball to a playmaker and let him make plays as his skills permit. That might lead to more fast breaks and dunks, but it also leads (at least at the college level) to sloppy play, turnovers and bad shot decisions. I'll take an efficient offense.

I like Scott's offense. I just wish DU had some players with a bit more size and athleticism to rebound better and keep other teams from pounding the Pios down low. DU racks up a lot of fouls in this scenario.

timt89 said...

I agree. I didn't get interested in DU basketball until I started watching Scott's teams. The program was a disaster before Scott. This gives us the best chance to win.