Pios to Face Mustangs

DU men's soccer team to face the SMU Mustangs Sunday at 5 p.m. MT. SMU, 14-2-4, defeated Utah Valley 2-0 tonight to advance to CIBER Field.

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Puck Swami said...

This is the biggest men's soccer game ever played at DU - I see it as potentially similar to the 2011 NCAA men's lacrosse first round game against Villanova, a sellout which marked a turning point in the perception of the sport of lacrosse on campus.

It's too bad final exams are happening on campus, which will likely hurt the potential of the crowd, at least for students.

I like that the Pios' opponent is SMU - a 'sister' school with well known brand in athletics, a shared Methodist founding and comparable student bodies.

I am hoping the Pios will make it a great day in program history.