Two Questions Answered for Soccer and Hoops

Photo: CIBER Field this morning

With a recent snow storm in Denver and another possible snow storm coming Friday, what will DU do if the natural turf at CIBER Field is not playable?

According to athletic officials, the game would be moved to Diane Wendt Field (used for intramural sports) which has artificial turf. As you can see in the photo above, Wendt Field, adjacent to CIBER Field, is already cleared. It would be a disaster for the players and spectators if this happens and would take away from the Pioneers hard-earned home field seed.

Since DU has a close relationship with the Broncos and the Bowlen family, why not work with the Bronco's field crew's expertise on snow removal from a turf field and use their special snow removal equipment on CIBER Field? The Broncos are on the road Sunday so logistically, DU could be able to borrow both their equipment and expertise.

Photo: Magness morning walk-thru

Is Daniel Amigo going to play against Utah Valley tonight at the Men's Basketball home opener?

LetsGoDU looked in on this morning's men's basketball practice and Daniel Amigo sat out the portion of the practice we viewed. He is not wearing a cast which is a good sign. Our best guess is that they will hold him out this evening and allow his twisted ankle to recover. Utah Valley has one 6'11" player and two 6'9" players. Forward 6'9" Darrious Hamilton appears to be the biggest 'big man' threat for the Wolverines.


Anonymous said...

Looking at there's no snow in the forecast.

Friday partly cloudy, Saturday mostly sunny, Sunday sunny.


Anonymous said...

Amigo got hurt last season. He's already hurt three games into the season. Why didn't Scott recruit and bring in another big man, big? Mackey's only 6-6. There's two 6-7 players on the team. You can't win without a big man. Summit League play has shown that.

Puck Swami said...

Good big men are not easy to recruit. The good ones get snapped up by power conference teams.

DU has had exactly one good big player in the last 15 years, Yemi Nicholson, a 6-10 center who didn't play high school ball and came to DU on music scholarship. DU coaches heard about the 6-10 sax player and talked him into playing hoops for DU and coached him up to a D-I level that was good enough to lead DU to a Sun Belt Division title in 2005 and a solid pro career in Europe afterwards.

5BWest said...

Google showed snow for Friday earlier today - now it looks clear Friday. But, as we all know, weather in Denver can change quickly.

Either way, playing on Diane Wendt field is far from ideal if it comes to that in later rounds.