DU Announces Volleyball Shocker

In a surprising announcement, Jesse Mahoney (88-40) will be leaving DU's volleyball program after consecutive 27 win seasons, two Summit League tournament championships and two NCAA playoff appearances in four short years.

With the women's Final Four in Volleyball taking place in Omaha this week, LetsGoDU was preparing an article on DU volleyball - Can DU take it to the next level? Even thinking about that possibility would not be rational without the progress made under Mahoney. He played a major role in building a winning program and will be missed. The Pioneers just completed one of the most exciting seasons in their history - led by their sole senior Sarah Schmid. Jesse Mahoney will be returning to be the head coach for his alma mater, the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Vice Chancellor Pegg Doppes announced that current Assistant Volleyball Head Coach Tom Hogan would assume the helm. Hogan is an accomplished, experienced head coach and served as the head coach of the USA Junior National Team 2014-2015. That gives DU access to some of the finest young players in the nation and the world for that matter. Plus, he brings continuity to the relatively young team. More detail on Hogan's C/V is provided in the formal announcement by DU athletics.

The big question remains. Can DU take it to the next level? The ball is in Hogan's court now.


Twister said...

Saw this in today's Post. Bummer, although based on the article, not a shocker. Mahoney is a Boulder native. No question this program is trending upward. Hopefully the new coach keeps it going.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that Mahoney would go to CU. Hogan looks like a home run hire to replace him.

Peg is an ex-head volleyball coach herself, and she made the right decision.

5BWest said...

Agreed. Continuity in coaching and, as important, recruiting.

The surprise was the move in a short four years. But he accomplished a great deal during that period.

Anonymous said...

Odd choice to go back to Boulder--leaving a small school that is fighting away bove its weight and winning championships, to a large school with mediocre athletics and no budget. But it sounds like he did a great job while at DU. I think I read that even our swim team is top-25 in D-1 now?? Really amazing, much credit to Peg for all that she is doing.

Anonymous said...

Mahoney grew up in Boulder and has 2 degrees from CU. Can't ever blame a guy for wanting to coach his alma mater. CU is also a PAC-12 school and has access to a greater recruiting pool,