Vote Early, Vote Often

Photo: Three good lacrosse coaches and a legend. You pick.

Lax Magazine is conducting its annual 'Best of 2015' poll. The Pioneers are well represented and deserving of national recognition. Let's get on-line and vote for our guys. Of course, the selections are easy.

Best Men's Coach - Coach T, of course!
Best Men's Player - MVP, Wesley Berg
Best Men's Breakthrough - Freshman faceoff phenom Trevor Baptiste
Best Men's Game: Notre Dame vs. Denver (Which one? Both were epic!)

(BTW, Coach T and Wesley Berg are trailing - let's step up)

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co_sports_girl said...

I only got to vote once, can you not vote everyday?

5BWest said...

You can vote more than once but you have to use a different computer or browser. The poll does not allow for daily votes.