Denver vs. St. Cloud State

Denver returns to action after almost a month without playing any hockey. Some impostors showed up in Denver uni's for the New Years Eve Massacre, but since they were wearing helmets and face-guards the perpetrators were never caught. The Denver Police Department is still investigating.

DU is in the unenviable position of needing to win almost every WCHA series remaining on the schedule. It all begins this weekend against a rejuvinated St. Cloud State program that features a new coach and more confident players.

New SCSU Coach Bob Motzko has his first head coaching meeting with Denver's George Gwozdecky, under whom he worked as an assistant coach at Miami from 1991 to 1993.

Denver will need more balanced production from all of its players in the second half of the season if they are going to Tripeat as National Champions. Hopefully it all begins tonight.

dg's best guess at the Denver Lineup
Patrick Mullen

C9.Gabe Gauthier

RW21.J.D. Corbin

Tom May

Paul Stastny

RW19.Ryan Dingle

Ryan Helgason

C12.Geoff Paukovich

RW6.Michael Handza

Ted O'Leary

C3.Steven Cook

RW8.Jon James

Matt Carle

RD20.T.J. Fast

G28.Glenn Fisher (Friday)


JP Testwuide

RD5.Andrew Thomas

G29.Peter Mannino (Saturday)

Julian Marcuzzi

RD7.Adrian Veideman



John Doyle said...

Like the Blog!

Anonymous said...

I thought Gabe's line was the second line...but then I guess I doesn't matter too much.

dggoddard said...

Gwoz usually starts his co-captains first, but you're right it doesn't matter much.

You can check out any team's lineups at

Anonymous said...

You lost to Ferris HA HA HA