Don Lucia Warns The Nation About Hockey Blogs

(above) Is this the thanks we get for naming Don Lucia "Let'sGoDU's Man Of The Year?"

Don Lucia and Doug Woog sat down for an hour and a half interview. The highlights were telecast on Fox Sports North's "Gopher Live Pregame Show" last night. The purpose of the talk appeared to be a lively back and forth about Gopher hockey and to blow smoke up each other's ass. As it turned out, Lucia took control of the conversation and performed his specialty, blowing smoke up his own ass.

He told several stories about what a great athlete he was; a two sport star in high school, hockey scholarship at Notre Dame, his rise through the coaching ranks in Alaska. Luckily there was only a scant mention of his career at Colorado College, where he resurected CC's hockey progarm from the garbage dump.

We were pleasantly surprised when Lucia turned his venom on the media, the internet and even bloggers didn't escape his wrath.
"The biggest change in my ten years at Minnesota is the exposure. Gopher games on TV, pre & post game shows & talk radio. "

"The internet has probably had the biggest impact, because it is a sounding board for people. They want the instant gratification. Maybe they think they understand what is going on and they really don't."

"The internet is a way for people to get together and say how great our program is or how bad our program is. I always say its never as great as you think our program is or as bad as you think it is."

"I think you need to not get caught up with what people say on a talk radio show. Not what somebody's saying in a newspaper. Not what somebody's saying on a blog."


Eric J. Burton said...

Yeah those evil bloggers.

dggoddard said...

Does Garth Snow has his own blog that we don't know about?

Anonymous said...

He's probably still pissed about the rumors of his departure a year or two ago.

Anonymous said...

Goon - How did you prediction of a DU sweep this weekend work out?
You're an ass clown!

Anonymous said...

Call him out on the DU sweep prediction but the name calling is weak

Look no further than what is going on with Wisconsin currently with recruits and you can see the point that Lucia is making. Much different than 10-15 years ago with the opportunity to discuss things instantly online.

Eric J. Burton said...

FiveHole Frenzy, Good Point. If I actually made the prediction I wouldn't take exception to the moronic comment, it wasn't me that made the prediction, My buddy wrote it.

Maybe the Anonymous skippy should do a better job of reading the posts before he defiles them.

Eric J. Burton said...


IF you could actually read you will see that it was Sioux7 and not me that made the predictions and not me Clown.

In fact I rarely made any predictions this season, so step aside skippy.

So you may want to address those comments to Sioux7.

Heck it is even in the link.

Gandalf The Red said...

Maybe he doesn't realize yet that everyone who doesn't like the gophers hates the gophers. There is no third party in this discussion somewhere in the middle.