Collection Of DU Hockey Jerseys

(above) Raifie Bass' collection of game worn hockey jerseys

Speaking of DU hockey jerseys. Raifie Bass has been collecting game worn hockey jerseys for 20 years. He also probably has one of the largest collections of DU hockey sweaters.

Raifie got into sports memorabilia originally by collecting NHL jerseys. His main focus had been collecting shirts of all of the 500 goal scorers in the NHL.

Sixteen years ago he moved to Colorado and started adding the history of Colorado hockey to his collection. He owns shirts from DU, Colorado College, Air Force, the Denver Spurs, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Flames, Denver Rangers, Denver Grizzlies, Colorado Gold Kings and the Colorado Eagles.

He is always looking to add great Colorado hockey items and especially DU items to his collection. If you have any jerseys that might be of interest feel free to email him at


Anonymous said...

there are a lot of shades of red/maroon and yellow/gold in there, has DU changed their official colors a few times in the past.

dggoddard said...

DU has changed colors and mascots many times. There have been many different shades of red in the unis ranging from bright red to crimson.

According to the DU Website DU's colors are crimson and gold, a choice made by a special committee convened in 1947. DU's original colors were scarlet and maize.

1900, Chancellor Henry Buchtel hosted a senior breakfast in his home. In the interest of festivity and to invest the occasion with dignity, he wore a handsome red vest. Perhaps that is how red showed up in the uniforms in later years.

The 1960's DU hockey sweaters were "Soviet" red with white "Denver."

DU basketball coach Stan Albeck got someone at Walt Disney to design a "Pioneer" character and a Clarion contest winner named him "Denver Boone"

In the 1970's bright "McDonald's" yellow was added to the red. When Boone was added, his features were in black.

In the 1980's the DU uni's were similar to the Calgary Flames featuring red, white & yellow.

In the 90's they became more conservative with red & white with just a hint of black. Boone was retired due to a). "lack of sophistication" b). male stereotyping c). Western stereotyping

In 1999 they built the Ritchie Center it was felt that DU needed more a "classier" look and Crimson & Gold was adopted. DU also adopted the infamous "Red Tailed Hawk" as a logo at the same time.

The red-tailed hawk was chosen as the symbol of Pioneer spirit because it's one of the most familiar and majestic of the wild animals in the Rocky Mountains.

Its important to note that DU students never voted for or elected Ruckus.

Ruckus is the third mascot in DU athletics history, following Pioneer Pete (1910-1961) and the Walt Disney-created Denver Boone (1968-1998).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info, much appreciated. IMO the red, yellow, and white has the best lookin' color combo and design, at least from what i can see of it in the picture.

Anonymous said...

So, it was the "McDonalds" colors then that Dean Talafous blasted his shot from the blueline through to win the '73 NCAA title for Wisconsin?
Thanks for the history.