A Third Carle Brother In The Pipeline

Editors Note - This past weekend, Hockeys Future writer and part time LetsGoDU contributor DJ Powers was in San Jose for the annual Junior Sharks Labor Day Tournament. It's one of the top Midget Major Tournaments in California, kicking off the new season for elite players with many scouts and recruiters in attendance.

DJ Powers focused much of her attention at the Junior Sharks Day Tournament on the 16AAA group (the top group of 1993-94 birth years). One of the teams hailed from Alaska and the player that really caught her eye was Alex Carle. The youngest of the Carle brothers - yes, Matt and David's brother.

What she really liked about Alex was his skating. He was one of the best skaters that she saw at the tournament in that age group. If Alex decides to follow in Matt and David's footsteps by going the college route and continues to make progress in his development, he could get quite a bit of interest from the top schools in the country, including DU. Alex is just fifteen years old, so he still has a few years to go before he hits a college campus near you (should he decide to go the college route).

His skill set is very good for the level, but he's still learning how to effectively utilize and put all of his tools together. Like Matt & David, his skating was what really stood out.

Should DU continue the brotherly tradition there's Alex Carle (15), Quintin Shore (15) & Baker Shore (9) waiting in the wings. Any little Ostrow brothers out there we don't know about?

DJ Powers Staff Writer - NCAA

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