Chicago Blackhawks Practiced At DU Yesterday

From: Chicago Tribune
by Brian Hamilton

The puck hit the back of the net Wednesday and, from the point, Patrick Sharp let out a whoop that echoed throughout the University of Denver's Magness Arena. The Blackhawks forward then threw both arms in the air and pumped them triumphantly.

Moments later, Jonathan Toews scored and raised his stick high on a short victory lap. It was merely a practice, and the moments did nothing to alter the reality of a six-game losing streak, but any discernible pulse in the team's comatose power-play unit was worth celebrating.

"It really has been letting us down and could be a key part of us winning games," winger Patrick Kane said.

The team worked on the power play Wednesday and made schematic adjustments. Now must revitalize an offense that carried them before and must do so again.


achsdu17 said...

DAMN IT! I wish I would of known. I want to see them practice.

DenverGoldJersey said...

I hope Toews didn't steal the NCAA trophies...