DU Lacrosse Watch Parties Around USA

NCAA Quarterfinals
DU vs. Loyola
11:30 PT, 12:30 MT, 1:30 CT, 2:30 ET
Atlanta - STATS Restaurant & Bar
Boston - The Fours  
Chicago - Gaslight Bar and Grille  
Colorado Springs - Old Chicago  
Dallas - Lakewood's 1st & 10  
Denver - Boone's Tavern, Crimson & Gold and The Pioneer  
Grand Junction - Naggy McGee`s Irish Pub  
Houston - The Firkin and Phoenix Pub  
New York City - Tap Room 307  
Northern California - The Chieftain Irish Pub and Restaurant  
Phoenix - Half Moon Sports Grill  
Portland - Macadam's Bar & Grill  
Seattle - New York Pizza & Bar  
Southern California - South  
Twin Cities - The Local  
Washington, D.C. - R.F.D. Washington


Anonymous said...

This is the largest lineup of DU watch parties I have ever seen - amazing the DU was able to put these together on such short notice.

It takes a lot of work to organize one of these, let alone 17 of them.

Kudos to the DU alumni staff!

Coach said...

Another watch party:

Grand Junction Naggy McGee`s Irish Pub

dggoddard said...

That Grand Junction viewing party might be the most rowdy of the lot. :-)

Anonymous said...

Going to be in Vegas this weekend. Nothing there?

Anonymous said...

More than likely it will be on one of the big screens at one of the major sports books.

Heard that DU was a 1.5 goal underdog. A creative DU fan in Vegas should come home with his/her pockets full.