Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos From Around Pioneer Nation

(above) "The Battle that Divides the Rockies" kicks off tonight in Magness Arena. Get there early 7:35 PM faceoff.

(above) An obviously hungover CC Tiger has a practical joke played on him at the NCAA Mascot Convention last summer in Phoenix

(above) Movie star Stormy Daniels shares a common sentiment

(above) Boone relaxing at home

(above) What'cha wearin' to the game?

(above) Kyle Ostrow was LetsGoDU Player of the Week and is featured on the Front Page of today.

(above) We love this "Old School" Boone T-shirt

dg: Is that the same 1957 Chrysler you had in Denver? (above)

Boone: Yep, I love that car. Still has the old school colors. I bought it right after Colorado College won their second National Championship. A few years later I promised myself I wouldn't buy a new one until CC won again. I've been through a few engines and transmissions, but it still runs great. Everytime CC fires their coach or they leave for greener pastures, I buy a new set of tires.

If you have a cool picture showing DU school spirit in an unusual location, we'll post your photo.

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