Wednesday, February 08, 2006

DU Pep Band Website & Other Blogs

I've added more "Links" on the right hand side of the Blog. There's tons of good sites and blogs on the list. If you know of any other good sites or blogs write a comment below and I'll add them to my list.

For "homesick" DU Alums, the DU Pep Band Website features a continuous loop of "Fairest of Colleges" which as fight songs go doesn't win any awards, but hey, its all we got...
The Carle for Hobey Website has been getting good reviews from hockey fans and bloggers alike. The videos are awesome. You probably need a DSL/Broadband line to see them in a reasonable amount of time. If he wins the Hobey, the assist to Stastny in the Championship Game last season might be the clincher.
I've added links to the DU Cheerleader Site to increase Blogspot/Google Ratings with the 15-85 male demographics. Be sure to hit the "cheer team bios" to find someone who would be compatable with you.
If you want to check out the funniest college website out there, bar none, check out Boston College's Pinhead Nation. It takes a while to figure out what is going on and don't do it at work (you'll get fired), anywhere near your wife (you get divorced) or if you are under 18 (you'll get grounded). Read a few of the articles to get a feel of what is going on. Basically if you didn't go to Boston College; you were either an idiot, poor or a lousy hockey player... (WARNING: ITS VERY GRAPHIC) I'm not kidding, so if you're offend easily hit the DU Pep Band site...


Anonymous said...

Nice site! LOL even the captain of your cheerchicks hails from Minny! SWEET!

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dggoddard said...

I've never played an instrument or been in a band, but I belive that DU needs to have a strong band presence at the hockey games to create a collegiate atmosphere at Magness Arena.