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Matt Glasser, LW – Fort McMurray Oil Barons (AJHL)

Another youngster with shoulder issues hampering his play this year is Edmonton Oilers seventh round pick Matt Glasser of the powerful Fort McMurray Oil Barons. Glasser spent a couple informative and beneficial days at Oiler camp last fall where he received some bad news.

“It was actually determined at Oiler camp when I got my physical done that I have a piece of bone missing in my shoulder so I had to get an MRI done to have a look at that,” Glasser told Hockey’s Future in early January. “I might need a bit of surgery done on my shoulder which I could probably get done at the end of the year here. It hasn’t been bugging me too much but it is something that I do need to get looked at.”

At first Glasser said the problem wasn’t affecting his play but with a little prodding…

“When I throw it out I’d say there is a fair bit of pain for a few minutes but I never really took much notice of it until the MRI and they said there was quite a bit of damage done,” Glasser admitted. “It has been hurting me this last month but I don’t want to make it any worse so I know that something will have to be done to it.”

As a result of his concerns Glasser has not been the offensive force he was expected to be with the Barons this year. His 15 goals and 35 points are just enough for seventh in team scoring, and he has not been able to up his game much from a year ago.

“I think the shoulder is part of it but they’re not as high a scoring team as they were last year,” argued Oilers GM Prendergast. “I think he’s been a bit snake bitten too because (coach) Gord Thibodeau told me early in the year that he hit the goal post like nine times in the first few weeks of the season. I think we’ll find out what he’s made of at crunch time in the playoffs.”

The Oilers believe that Glasser’s development will blossom next year in Denver and already the player is looking ahead to those days too.

“I think about it every day to tell you the truth,” Glasser revealed. “There’s a lot of tradition there and they’ve won two championships back to back. My focus right now is in Fort McMurray but when the season ends my thoughts will be going to University.”


du78 said...

Let's get him fixed up ASAP as he is one of next year's big time recruits.

PiosAvsFan said...

He's a cutie! :)

dggoddard said...


You and the other DU Hotties need to keep you hands off this kid until his Sophmore year. We need him focused on his studies & his hockey until AT LEAST then.... :-)

piosavsfan said...

I'll try my best to contain myself. :)