Time To Go "Fargo" on the Gophers


satnu said...

Hey, a few BLOG links are bad on your site! ND BLOG, GOONS? is dead. So is tUMD link "runnin" Rest look good!

Thanks for the link. S##T should start flying now!!!LOL! Prediction? I say POI sweeps! DROP THE F'ING PUCK!

Do you make it up here for Final 5?

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the beta test. I'll check those links tomorrow.

I'll think about the Final Five. If DU is a #1 seed it just might be worth the money. Otherwise the Frozen Four if DU makes it is 100%.

Keep up the the good blogging.

satnu said...

Well game one was kinda slow until the 2nd 5 minute kill!

What's your take on the two majors? Looked like they turned into both checks. Both were penalties but 5 min majors?

Big game Saturday! Should be a WILD ONE!

dggoddard said...

Checking along the boards is hazardous to your playing time if you get tossed. Easy to see with slo-mo but the refs have to make the call on the ice down close.

Worked out well for the Gophers as it turned out.