Yale Hockey Players Arrested

1st Ivy League Members of the All-Bad Boyz Team

From: Associated Press

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- While the University of Minnesota was suspending freeloading goaltender Kellen Briggs, a half a continent away, two Yale football players, including the starting quarterback, and three hockey players were arrested after a fight outside a downtown market and charged with breach of peace. MSNBC is reporting that the Quarterback and Tailback allegedly fought with the three hockey players.

Police said a window at the Gourmet Heaven was broken during the scuffle early Sunday (let's just hope that "Gourmet Heaven" isn't the local "Gay Bar" or this story will never go away. Not that there's anything wrong with that). Witnesses are not sure if the boys were tustling over a "No-Good-Two-Timin'-New-Haven-Hottie" or whether Pumpernickel overpowers an Egg Salad Sandwich. Either way, ESPN.com and many other media outlets quickly jumped on the story.

Quarterback Matt Polhemus and running back Mike McLeod were arrested along with hockey players Alec Richards (middle left), Matt Nelson (top left) and Brad Mills (bottom left).

The players were charged with breach of peace, and all but Polhemus were also charged with criminal mischief.

Police became suspicious of the boys' story when the hockey players claimed that the window was broken by an errant slap shot. Luckily one of the local cops had seen a Yale hockey game and immediately knew the story was "bogus."

"The investigation is in the hands of Yale University and the New Haven Police Department as they gather the facts associated with this incident," Yale athletic director Tom Beckett said in a prepared statement.


Anonymous said...

The really funny thing is...the guy who started the fight was another football player who ran away like a little girl. 3 football guys actually fought Mills who ended up breaking one of the football players' nose. The 2 other hockey players and 1 football player were arrested without merit as they all arrived on the scene after the fight had occurred. The New Haven Police are idiots. THe Yale Daily News is responsible for having this stupid college fight go national. Priya Raman, the fabricator of this story and a reporter for the Yale Daily News is the stupidest, ugliest, pirate-hooker to graze the fields of Yale. Kudos to this blog thought. Quite funny. However, we thought we'd let you guys know the truth before anything further happens on the bad-ass campus of Yale.

Anonymous said...

OK, I guess the connection with DU Hockey is pretty obvious here... :D

dggoddard said...

Anonymous #1. Thanks for the update. Usually LetsGoDU doesn't like the true version of the story to come out for a week or more while we fabricate fake stories to drive up readership.

Props to Millsey for giving it to the Football Nancy Boys. I had my doubts about the accuracy of the story when it was reported that it took three hockey players to subdue only two footballers and that the police didn't recover any purses belonging to the football players.

Rock On Yale...

dggoddard said...

Anonymous #2: In the mid-eighties DU had a forward from Olds, Alberta named Bruce Hill. Millsey is from Olds.

Last season DU freshman forward Matt Glasser played for the Ft. McMurray Oil Barons. Millsey played his Juniors hockey for Ft. McMurray.

Coincidence or Conspiracy? :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mills played in the tough Alberta Jr. Hockey League league a few years back. Doesn't surprise me that he broke the nose of one of the football players.