Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Year Of Living Dangerously-Grand Forks Style

(left) When he's not letting 80 foot slap shots from the red-line trickle into the net or getting punched by a UND football player, Sioux netminder Philippe Lamoureux is a pretty good goaltender

Its been a roller coaster year for your North Dakota Fightin' Sioux, who roll into Magness Arena this weekend. In just over a year they've been in and out of jail more times than Lindsay Lohan on a bender. Luckily Coach Hakstol seemed to get the team under control last season when he made the unusual move of having the Chief of Police in Grand Forks speak to the team (UND went 9-3-3 after Chief Packett's "Come To Jesus" meeting).

The bad news is that although team doesn't seem to be getting arrested this season, they're not doing so well on the ice. After a split against Minnesota Duluth last weekend (the Saturday night game winning goal was launched from center ice and inexplicably bounced past goaltender Lamoureux), the Sioux stand 4-4-0 in WCHA play.

Needless to say Coach Hak wasn't too impressed with the effort and ordered an extraordinary Sunday practice. "The pucks stayed in the bag" as they say in hockey and UND was forced to skate "Herbies" (windsprints on ice, not fun especially if you're hungover hockey player). Luckily LetsGoDU was able to access to the YouTube video of practice.

2006 to 2007 Timeline

- Robbie Bina Arrested For DUI

- UND Goaltender Phillipe Lamoureux is punched in the eye by a UND football player

- Joe Finley Arrested & Kyle Radke charged with "Loud Party"

- Toews Charged with "minor in consumption and noisy party gathering"

- Toews, Oshie & Bina arrested at Judy's Tavern

- Police chief Packett addresses team

- Toews & Oshie plead guilty

- Finley ordered to pay fine & perform community service

June - Bina's trial date set for June 29th

- Joe Finley slashes Badger mascot and is forced by WCHA to apologize


fkdu said...

god your a fkn loser...its college, at least sioux players dont dress as BLACK people and ru around like racist dumb asses, sioxu sweep.....

Anonymous said...


round 1

sioux win friday and saturday goes either way

glad to see du back with a good team!! let the green beer flow at magness. go sioux

sioux said...

i know those werent sioux fans who posted that racist crap as we all know it WAS CC who did that so quit being posers

i say split, du is damn good and i think the sioux will wake the fk up

green beer will be flowing!!!

achsdu17 said...

I'm picking DU to take 3 out of 4 points... but they need to make sure they show up.

Goon said...

FKDU, hey troll you might want to get your schools right, that was C.C. although you were in the same state, DU is in a different city, Denver. C.C. is in the springs. Must be an NDSU student.

Goon said...

that was a funny article nice satire... :)

Goon said... name is goon, i like to shoot my dog and animals, drrrrr

i dont know anything on sioux hocey, a rednek

Siouxfan_inDenver said...


Boosh said...

Funny how Sioux fans insult their own fans. I think I know fkdu too.

DU players couldn't dress as black people because Mike Handza would have beaten them up (at least last year), or at least just made comments in bad taste at them, just as tDarkness

Anonymous said...

boosh likes granny panties

Siouxfan_inDenver said...

Funny how boosh always makes an ass of himself.

Goon said...

IS IT game time yet?
I am ready. At least Friday's game is on TV.