Suspensions Throw CC Hockey Program Into Chaos

by Kate Crandall
Eyebrows were raised throughout Colorado this past Fall when the Colorado College hockey team was able to keep up with DU in the WCHA standings despite sub-par recruiting classes for the past four years. Whispers that CC must have been "cheetahing" were finally confirmed on Thursday when CC suspended three players.

Colorado College president Richard Celeste cited privacy laws in declining comment Thursday on the school suspensions of three hockey players.

Forward Cody Lampl was suspended from school until January 2009. Forward Derek Patrosso was suspended from school until March 12. "DU Reject" Chad Rau also copped a short term suspension.

“When we get involved with a student conduct matter, we need to respect the privacy of everybody involved,” Celeste said.

A message left on Dean of Student Life Mike Edmonds’ voice mail was not returned.

Lampl, a junior, said he plans to appeal the ruling but declined to provide further information about the incident in question. Patrosso could not be reached for comment.

“He is welcome back to the team at the end of the sixth block,” which is March 12, coach Scott Owens said of Patrosso, meaning the senior will miss the rest of the regular season but can return for the first round of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association playoffs.

With CC officials and students on holiday break until Jan. 7, an appeals process is unlikely to begin before that date.

In an expected move Colorado College President, Dick Celeste, announced today that Colorado College was changing its Nickname and Logo to the Cheetahs.
"We wanted a nickname that better reflected our nationally famous hockey program. Everyone knows that there aren't any Tigers in Colorado, but there are plenty of Cheetahs at Colorado College."

He mentioned than CC planned on petitioning the Colorado Springs City Council to change the road signs around Colorado College to, "Welcome to Cheetah Country."


puck swami said...

Do we actually know that cheating was involved, or is that pure speculation?

Boosh said...

He used the term 'cheetahing'

I am dense, but I'm assuimng that was a play on the big cat relation of Tiger to Cheetah, as an attempt at humor.

I bet someone knocked up some girl at a party and now she's pregnant

Boosh said...

And that was pure speculation :D

CO14ers said...

It really doesn't matter what went on. CC Sucks. That's what matters. :)