Don't Get Stuck In An Elevator With These Boyz

(left) T.J. Oshie & Mike Radja's "Glamour Shots" in Grand Forks

New information has come to light in the T.J. Oshie (UND) and Mike Radja (UNH) story. According to messages left on the Grand Forks Herald website, Sioux &
"Actually, everyone is blowing this up. I was there, about 8 of us were trapped (yes! as in stuck in a stupid old elevator) for about an hour and a half. Do you know how hard it is to have a few drinks and hold your bladder???..the general consensus was that whoever had to go should just go...and another thing, more people than TJ and that Radja guy went. You just couldn't see it on the video tape."


Anonymous said...

What the hell is this story about? I feel like I'm proof reading a third graders report. This is crap

dggoddard said...

You try and find a first person account of a "North Dakota college hockey drinking story" in a fourth grade reading level or higher.