DU Facing Labor Shortage Against UAA

(above) UND's Kyle Radke & J.P. Testwuide (11) mix it up in the second period Saturday night
Photo Credit: John Stennes

(left) Denver's Brandon Vossberg, bloodied in a fight between the second and third period is escorted off the ice by an official Saturday
Photo Credit John Stennes

From: Rocky Mountain News
by Pat Rooney

YouTube Video Of Vossberg-Radke fight

Already struggling to produce shots without two of its top offensive performers, the University of Denver will have to overcome additional issues when it attempts to snap out of its annual late-season funk at home against Alaska Anchorage on Friday and Saturday.

Tempers flared throughout the Pioneers' 4-1 loss at North Dakota on Saturday - it was DU's sixth loss in nine games - and forward Brandon Vossberg was assessed a game disqualification penalty for fighting North Dakota's Kyle Radke, who also dropped gloves with DU's J.P. Testwuide earlier in the match.

Vossberg suffered a cut above his left eye and will serve an automatic one-game suspension in Friday's opener against the Seawolves. It is possible the Western Collegiate Hockey Association will assess more sanctions after the teams combined for 121 penalty minutes.

With former leading scorer Brock Trotter recently signing with the Montreal Canadiens and third-leading scorer Tyler Ruegsegger out of the lineup because of an abdominal injury, the Pioneers managed only 35 shots in the two losses against the Fighting Sioux.

"We're trying to move on and we can't keep looking back at it," freshman forward Dustin Jackson said.

"We have to go on without (Trotter) and keep going. Every weekend is going to be our biggest games of the year."

DU has dropped to sixth in the PairWise rankings and third in the WCHA, six points behind co- leaders North Dakota and Colorado College.

Denver native Jon Cook made his DU debut Saturday, replacing Julian Marcuzzi in the lineup. Marcuzzi suffered a concussion in Friday's game.


Anonymous said...

Losing two this weekend against NoDak sucked. But my biggest regret is that Radke, punk that he is, didn't find Testuide again, instead going after Vossberg. JP would have given that guy his lunch, much like he was about to do when they dropped the gloves the first time.

Anonymous said...

hey... radke is smart... first off, he didn't do this on campus or in an apartment or at a grand forks bar (oshie, bina, etc), he's leardn to do his stuff on the ice. He can't even get a BadBoyz nomination for that... 2nd, he learned from Testuide that finding someone beatable is key to success in on-ice muggings.

Anonymous said...

so you are saying that Oshie and Bina got into fights on campus or in apartments? You make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Radke....smart....? Good joke. Two glove dropping fights in one college hockey game, one of which he initiated after returning to the ice following the end of the period. Feisty? Yes. Hot headed? Yes. Smart? No.

He has a bright future cleaning toilets after he finishes whatever 3rd grade studies he's in.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll contact the Denver Police Department and have them check for outstanding warrants on the UND players. Then I'll alert the Denver media so they can run with the story about your thugs being stuffed into the Sherriff's van for a trip to the County lock up.

Dirty said...

Keep complaining, it's amusing. Meanwhile your team is experiencing the coriolis effect.

You may not think Radke is smart, but at least he didn't lose his eligibility like we all know Trotter did.

Anonymous said...

Not complaining, Dirty but just bringing some matters to the attention of you sod busters who live in that barren waste land.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh.......the nitwit with the pink tie is back with his words of wisdom. You must be dumber than a box of rocks.

Trotter is playing pro hockey and likely has a solid career ahead of him, while that knuckle dragger Radke will be playing pin the tail on the hillbilly when his playing days are over.

Anonymous said...

Pass the nachos

Anonymous said...

Radke was interviewed at one of UND's media days which UND puts out on its website. He is actually extremely articulate and almost enamoring in his style. He could probably walk into the Campus Lounge, and win them over with his charm. Then he could go over to Univ & Evans and begin the healing process with them, as well.

Anonymous said...

oshie and bina were drinking alcohol...none of your precious denver players do that when they aren't 21 give me a freaking break...90% of college athletes do, who cares they are college kids.......i'm not even a fan of nodak, but they sure get under your skin and beat your team twice....they didn't win by fighting, they won by scoring more goals than your club!