Western College Hockey Blog Calls Out UND

Lots of fireworks over at the Western College Hockey Blog today. Needless to say the Sioux faithful weren't too pleased when Chris Dilks made a few salient observations.

Read the "comments" for a good laugh or two. :-)


C Now said...

The last major fight I remember happening in the Old DU Arena was between DU & UND. It was a bench clearer and you don't see those anymore. One of the comment posts on WCHB notes that "North Dakota plays with an aggressive style and it gets under people's skins." The problem I have with that is it's not true. A team with as much talent as Fighting Prarie Turds should not have had 3 drop your gloves fights this years. What this proves is that the Turds are a bunch of thugs who can't keep their emotions in check even when they are winning. (I'm reminded of how thuggish CC was when the Clarke brothers played for the Tigers.) The university should be ashamed of the conduct of this current band of players. But if you take into account the actions of Dave "Free Bird" Hakstol, I guess you shouldn't be surprised by the lack of discipline.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of this holier than thou attitude that UND and its mentally challenged fans preach. What a load. The problem is that this is nothing new for these people. It really started to escalate when Gino Grasp-the-weenie was their coach. The Sioux are nothing more than petty little people with long arrest records. Examples include Jake Brandt as in "hey, let's go to Rouseau, the VFW or whatever and steal pull tabs" or Brandon "don't worry about it. Just call me Sir Speedy and I'll print you all the money you need" Bochenski or go out with the boys to Judy's and "don't worry. If they arrest you good ol' Baby Bina will open the car door for you".