Lauches First DU Podcast

PioneerCast hosted by Conor McGahey was launched today on Click on the PioneerCast tab and listen on demand.

McGahey was hired as the full-time voice of Magness Arena at 21 years of age. He works all DU hockey, men's basketball and men's lacrosse home games. He also makes appearances doing play-by-play for University of Denver webcasts.

The first podcast featured news and notes about the hockey team, upcoming series with Michigan Tech as well as features on DU Lacrosse, basketball and general DU news. It was very well produced and even gave a shout out to LetsGoDU, citing our coverage of incoming DU hockey recruits.

Check it out.


LetsGoMavs said...

Go check out the picture I posted of a CC cheerleader on my blog today! You'll love it:)

dggoddard said...

What is the bag for? :)

Anonymous said... has started with great momentum. Quality content, from the intelligent posts in the forum to the very informative AND entertaining PioneerCast, this site has a lot of potential.

dggoddard said...

Its great so see their site taking off. Once they get it rolling I will be able to finally fire the "Quality Control Coordinator" and retire to a villa in Italy.

puck swami said...

All DU fans should be very pleased with the efforts of Conor and his team. No other independent DU site has started off with more features, content and overall presentation.

We need to do our part by posting there and keeping the site relevant and up to date. What Conor and Co are doing complements this blog and the posting over at USCHO with a more in-depth capacity to support DU sports and grow our fan base.