This Week's Polls & Rankings

DU falls to a tie for 5th in College Hockey News' Pairwise Rankings

DU is also #5 in College Hockey News' KRACH Rankings

DU falls to #2 in the LetsGoDU SuperPoll® for the first time this season

DU falls three spots to #7 in the INCH Power Rankings

DU is #7 in the Poll.

The USA Today Poll will be released on Monday afternoon

LetsGoDU Top 10 SuperPoll®

1). Miami - Former DU Assistant Enrico Blasi has Miami on top
2). Denver - Rough weekend for the boys in Mankato
3). North Dakota - Fights by the players & obscene gestures from the coach. Business as usual in Grand Forks.
Michigan - Starting to show chinks in their armor.
5). New Hampshire - Did we mention they swept CC this season?
6). Michigan State - Post Wolverine Hangover
7). Boston College - No one is going to want BC in their bracket
8). Wisconsin -
Randy Schmidt woke up the slumbering Badgers
9). Minnesota State -
Last). Colorado College - 1957


Twister 26 said...

We know times are tough if the Pios dropped out of the top spot in the SuperPoll. Ouch.

Tough weekend in Mankato, but I still think it's far too early to write this team off, as some appear ready to do. There are 10 games left and still a lot to play for. Gwoz just needs these guys to fight through the slump and get their confidence back.

DG, I agree about the Trotter situation--handled poorly. Doesn't the program owe it to the fans and, to a lesser extent, the media, to give some type of update? He's only the team's leading scorer.....!

dggoddard said...

I agree Twister. Obviously we don't know the facts, but it still...

DU was able to sweep the suspensions of May, Blom & Dora under the rug in the past, but this is a bigger kettle of fish.

All will be forgiven with a sweep of the Gophers. :-)

All is not lost until Colorado College passes DU in the SuperPoll®.

du queers said...

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ccmm said...

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dggoddard said...

You know you've "arrived" in the social circuit in Grand Forks, when they invite you town to kick your ass.

Anonymous said...

4:51 and 4:56....sounds like the same person, given the intellectual writing. Mom and dad took a break from cleaning the brown stuff out of your pants to let you play on the computer eh?? That's nice, stooge. You give new meaning to the phrase mentally challenged.