Sunday NCAA Scores

Midwest Regional

#1UND 3 #3Wisconsin 2 Final OT

UND heading to Denver

Northeast Regional

#1Miami 3 #2BC 4 Final OT

BC heading to Denver

#1 Michigan (East), #1 UND (Midwest), #2BC (Northeast) and #4 Notre Dame (West) going to the FF.

Frozen Four Match-Ups

BC vs. UND

Notre Dame vs. Michigan


siouxme said...

sure in hell nice to avoid the pioneers this time of year as a sioux fan. nice run this season! du played like dog crap yesterday and deserved that loss for sure. wish we were playing ya but best of luck next season! im sure you will be right up at the top again breaking in a new star goalie. go wcha, go sioux

Anonymous said...

The Susies will get homered today in Mad and will go down in flames. They can't pull the goon tactics and will have to play the Bucky's straight up. Final score Bucky's 4 Susies 2.

HoosierPioneer said...

It was really fun to watch the other games and see teams that I've read about in action- BC and Michigan both look really good, Air Force almost pulled it out. And ND and Michigan State played a deliberate, educated hockey game. Fun tournament action despite DU's collapse.

Anonymous said...

There will be a Oshie sighting in Madison today. Expect an end to end goal by Genoway. Sioux win. Count my words.

goph44 said...

goon tactics?? the sioux took 2 penalties i think yesterday. sconnie is screwed today. the sioux have 1 thing in mind and sconnie is just in the way. sucks my gophers lost but down with bucky today. the sioux are too tough overall for them

Anonymous said...

anon 1134:
That has to be one of the stupidest thing anyone could say.

Anonymous said...

The Susies pulled it out today - congrats and I will be pulling for you over Mich. in the finals- my hatred of Mich. is far greater than my dislike of the Susies - I am a WCHA guy after all. Whizzy looked like the living dead in the overtime - hell they were dead from the 3rd period on. Someone need to remind them that there are 3 periods in a hockey game and not 2. This is the problem with running on too much adrenalin and rightoues indignation - you eventually crash & burn. I wish Miami would have advanced as they thoroughly outplayed BC but they just did not get the breaks. Susies will be the 2008 National Champs. Enjoy!