Wednesday, December 24, 2008

LetsGoDU2 Features Best Articles About DU Hockey

So far in 2008, LetsGoDU reprinted 1,047 articles, mostly about the University of Denver hockey program. We've compiled 31 of the best or most interesting articles of the past year.

When we run across an exceptional or unusual article about a DU player, coach or hockey alum we repost them over at LetsGoDU2. Since its the holiday season and content is scarce, check out LetsGoDU2 for the best 31 articles about DU hockey in the past year.


Chase Squires said...

Merry Christmas D, great to meet you at Spankys ... I'm thinking we might have a great second half, Chevy seems to be, well, pretty damn good ... awright.

Let's Go DU! Frozen Four in DC? See y'all there!!!!

dggoddard said...

Go DU & lets go party in DC.

du78 said...

Merry Christmas to all that read the blog. DG it is a blast helping you put this thing together. Enjoy today and the rest of the holiday season.

dggoddard said...

Thanks to everyone who helps us out during the year. From the Bickster with the Graphic Design to DU78 with the Quality Control & all the readers who find links for us. :-)