Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who's Drafting Colborne, Carle & Donovan?

LetsGoDU Update: DU Recruit Matt Donovan is eligible for the NHL draft this weekend

Friday's First Round of the NHL Draft will be televised in the United States on Versus Network and in Canada on TSN. Viewers can watch online via with live streaming of Friday's Draft Preview (4 p.m. MST) and post-Draft (8 p.m. MST) shows, and Rounds 2-7 Saturday (7:30 a.m. MST).

The NHL Network will televise Saturday's proceedings. The First Round airs Friday, 5 p.m. MST on Versus & TSN.

Want to take a stab and guess which team drafts Colborne, Carle & Donovan?

Most of the Mock Drafts project Colborne to go at #13 or later, with Boston at #16 the "sexy pick."

We'll guess that Carle will go in the 4th Round to the LA Kings with the 101st pick.

Since 2009 recruit Matt Donovan is eligible for the draft as well, we suspect that some team might take a flier in the 6th or 7th round. Let's go with the hometown Avs stealing him with pick #200 in the 7th Round.

First Round Of NHL Draft On Friday
1 Tampa Bay
2 Los Angeles
3 Atlanta
4 St. Louis
5 NY Islanders
6 Columbus
7 Toronto
8 Phoenix
9 Nashville (from FLA)
10 Vancouver
11 Chicago
12 Anaheim (from EDM)
13 Buffalo
14 Carolina
15 Nashville
16 Boston
17 Calgary
18 Ottawa
19 Columbus (from COL)
20 NY Rangers
21 New Jersey
22 Edmonton (from ANA)
23 Washington
24 Minnesota
25 Montreal
26 Buffalo (from S.J.)
27 Philadelphia
28 Los Angeles (from DAL)
29 Atlanta (from PIT)
30 Detroit


puck swami said...

Let's hope for some good YouTube video captures from the Draft telecast.

Angélique (aka Jori) said...

I'll say the Flames grab Colborne and the Avs nab Carle in the fourth round (yeah...I'm a hopeful homer).

du78 said...

Colborne: Rangers (#20) 1st Round

Carle: Islanders (#83) 3rd Round

Sleeper/Super Surprise Pick (Colborne #10 to Vancouver)

dggoddard said...

Nashville might also jump on the Colborne Express at #15 or trade the pick to mess up Boston (Calgary or Edmonton most likely making the deal). The Preds have the #9 pick and DU alum Shawn Dineen is a scout for Nashville, so they might be in a position to take a flier or deal Colborne.

I'll stick with the Kings (or a west coast team) for Carle in the 4th. Although Matt Carle & Stastny were both ranked around #60 where David was rated by ISS and went in the 2nd Round, so going higher wouldn't be a surprise.

Some team is going to get an absolute steal in Matt Donovan. I figured he would be a 2nd rounder next season, but only just found out he's eligible.

Colborne: Boston in the 1st (#16).

Carle: LA in the 4th for Carle (#101).

Donovan: Colorado in the 7th Round (#200).

Angélique (aka Jori) said...

DG...well done!