Thursday, August 21, 2008

CSU D-1 Hockey Movement Hits Roadblock

The CSU Hockey Petition Movement hit a stumbling block yesterday when the organizer, Brett Tatman, met with Colorado State Athletic Department officials. Although the meeting netted an expected result, the excuse proffered by the CSU brass rings hollow with college athletics observers.

There are plenty of schools such as the University of Texas and other college sports super-powers, who have unbelievable support and yet they aren't adding new sports, much less hockey. There is something rotten in Denmark and we are heading towards a day when college athletics is nothing more than "club sports" and a very few "professional sports."

D-1 athletic departments are averaging a $3.3 million deficit and until and unless skyrocketing football expenditures, Title IX compliance and "facility arms race" issues are rectified, many sports are going to be relegated to club status.

The release from the CSU Hockey Petition Website:
UPDATE 08/19/08:
As many of you already know, I spoke with the Athletic Director and Associate Athletic Director today. First and foremost, I want to say that both Paul and Mike are great guys and straight shooters and I appreciate that. Second, it is a very difficult time to be adding a sport (any sport) to the current line-up of programs at CSU.

That said, I am not very easily dissuaded from the task at hand and I will be working on a strategy moving forward. One of the best things we can do is to help the athletic department bring their existing programs up to a world-class level. When their existing sports are performing, they are more receptive to adding other sports. We also will be determined to keep our momentum and our cause in front of the Athletic Department, so that when the time is right for adding a sport, ice hockey will be at the forefront.

In order to accomplish that goal, I will need to formalize our efforts into some sort of organization. If you are interested in contributing to this as yet unamed organization please visit here.


Anonymous said...

DU should really be against this since they lost to Air Force once and CC three times last year. They wouldn't want to drop from third to fourth in the Colorado rankings.

dggoddard said...

We'll take our chances. Thanks for playing. :-)