Friday, August 22, 2008

News & Notes From Around The DU Universe

I think this would officially qualify as a slow news day...

Mark Seidel of The Hockey News isn't all that impressed with Joe Colborne.
As soon as the Bruins took our whipping boy, Joe Colborne, with the 16th overall pick we knew they weren’t going to be rated highly in this report. However, Colborne does have the tools to become an NHL stud if he figures it out. His indifferent play all year drove us crazy, but his skills are undeniable. For the Bruins’ sake, we hope he puts it all together at Denver University over the next four years.
A mid-rise apartment building is going to be constructed near the University of Denver light rail station and Magness Arena.

A memorial service for DU Professor Emeritus James “JJ” Johnston will be held Sept. 6, 10–11:30 a.m., in Magness Arena.

DU opens a new dorm today and guess what, more copper.
One of the structure’s distinguishing characteristics is a 24,000-pound, cone-shaped copper cover for a tower, which matches other copper enhancements throughout the campus. Energy-efficient design elements include low water-use faucets and shower heads, dual-flush toilets and windows that open.
The DU women's soccer team opens its season today.


Anonymous said...

"Mark Seidel of The Hockey News isn't all that impressed with Joe Colborne."

Is that a surprise? It shouldn't be. THN in the last two years or so have had very little, if any, positive things to say about college-bound draft picks.

dggoddard said...

Kind of funny stuff.

"Indifferent play?" Colborne: 33 goals & 57 assists in 55 games. And in the playoffs 8 goals & 8 assists in 18 games.

Anonymous said...

"...and windows that open."

A world-changing invention, to be sure...

Anywho, LET'S GO DU!!!

Pioneers04 said...

anon 11:54, I don't know if you've ever been in any of DU's older dorms, but its a HUGE improvement.