Michigan State Hockey & Football Players Fight

(left) Michigan State defenseman AJ Sturgis was sent to the hospital after some football players showed up without party invitations

From: WLNS Channel 6
A fight lands an MSU hockey player in a local hospital. But this fight didn't happen on the rink, it happened at a home in East Lansing and may have involved several other student athletes.

Just hours after the Spartan football got their ass kicked by the Buckeyes, it looks like some members of the team found themselves in a more personal battle.

Lt. Kevin Daley, East Lansing Police Department: "It would be safe to say that the altercation involved as many as 7 or 8 individuals that came back to the house party."

Police say it all unfolded just outside this home on the 100 block of Center Street in East Lansing where a number of Michigan State Hockey players live. Several witnesses say they saw several cars pulled up on the lawn this residence (the MSU Hockey House) at about 1 o'clock in the morning on Sunday. A number of MSU students jumped out and, we're told by sources, some of them were MSU football players. Now just after that, a big fight broke out, and when it was all over, an MSU hockey player who lives inside the home was sent to the hospital.

Lt. Kevin Daley: "I believe he was struck, fell backwards and probably when he landed, is when he received the greatest amount of injury to the head."

Six news has confirmed that the victim is AJ Sturges, a sophomore on the MSU hockey team. He remains at Sparrow Hospital where officials say he's in fair condition.

Meantime police are piecing together their case.

Lt. Kevin Daley: "We have identified who we feel are the main instigators, or those that have caused the greatest amount of damage or assaultive behavior to other individuals."

Lt. Daley says a decision on criminal charges won't come until the end of the week.

The State News Comments Board has a more colorful version of what went down.

One of the hockey players was really drunk, and (stupidly) talking trash about MSU football. Saying “the football team sucks, blah blah, the hockey team can beat OSU hockey, why do they get all the respect, etc.”

A football player (no one knows his name cause he is like 4th string LB) took exception and started talking back. 4 other hockey players came to the first hockey players aid. So at that point is was 5 hockey players vs. 1 football player.

The Fball player bounced, and unknown to the hockey players, went to get his buddies.

He came back with 8-10 (it all happened so fast, who can count) football players, and then it was on.

They rushed INTO the house and started throwing haymakers without saying anything.

I will not tell you my friends name as he doesn’t want to be implicated more then he has to be.


TT said...

Wow ... once again - the State of Michigan shows its class. 2 for 2 so far!

du78 said...

Things are getting serious according to News 10. News 10 article was linked through College Hockey News.

"Police say "significant charges" are forthcoming and the investigation is speeding along because "of the full cooperation of the MSU athletic department and the coaches involved.""


Jel Wallace said...

you know you can shut up. when someone talks "shit" then there needs to be something done. apparently you don't know us michigan staters that well, eh? you dont f*ck with us. period.

wolverinepucknut said...

Grow up TT! WE are a proud state. Patrick Roy? ring a bell and his kids. Why dont you come back to yost and take the home locker room again and get blown out of the building. Go Blue and fuck you

Ryan said...

to jel wallace and others with similar feelings. you are a dumb ass. you have no class. that attitude will lead to jail time. Grow up.