Friday, November 28, 2008

Air Force 4 Colorado College 1 - Final

“I expected that from them. I was disappointed with us,” CC coach Scott Owens said. “Other than the first seven minutes, I thought they took it to us virtually the entire game. I knew they’d be fired up. I knew they’d be skating hard, winning battles. But I didn’t think that they would out-compete us as hard as they did.”
For the first time since 1985 the Air Force hockey team has beaten Colorado College. The Falcons scored 3 goals in the second period on their way to a 4-1 win over the Tigers Friday night at the Cadet Ice Arena.

The Falcons win adds another chapter to what has been a storybook start. Air Force is the only unbeaten, untied team in the country with a record of 13-0-0.

The 11th ranked Falcons travel to Denver to take on DU Saturday night. Last year Air Force beat the Pioneers at the Academy.
Box Score

Rocky Mountain News Game Recap by Pat Rooney Game Recap by Theresa Spisak


Goon said...

Hey DG I got the shirt thanks, pictures will be coming soon.

CO14ers said...

Well, here we go. The ideal matchup. We defeated previously undefeated Minny last week and have the same chance against USAFA. The good thing is that Wing Nuts are pussies and a support force. GO DU.


US Amry Retired,

Todd J. Christensen

puck swami said...

DU is going to need to be sensationally good tonight to beat Air Force.

They need Chevy to keep them in the game, and I think Bozak needs to bury his chances for the Pios to win.

I hate games without students, and I don't think the fans at Magness will make up the difference. DU is going to have to do this on their own.

Goon said...

DU has one thing that C.C. doesn't have grit.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could've seen this game, but it looks like it was a hard fought win for DU and good for them!

I hope that the bozo who said that Air Force was going to be an easy win for CC and DU is enjoying that heaping plate of crow.