Monday, November 24, 2008

Chambers' Blog Looks At Testwuide DQ

(above) Lets Goooooo DU

Mike Chambers' Denver Post Blog looks at JP Testwuides suspension for the Colgate game next Friday. He also recaps the showdown with the Gophers on Saturday night and Rhett Rakhshani's amazing goal.

Chambers also has details on the DU Cheerleading Clinic for children 5-14 on December 13th.


Twister said...

Was Testwuide's penalty really that egregious? All I remember seeing is some pushing and shoving and a facewash or two.

dggoddard said...

He came in after the whistle with a solid cross check to Barribell (I think). Would have been a very dangerous situation if he would of shoved the player into the boards, which he clearly didn't do.

Doubt you'll hear any protest from DU fans who watch the video. Just one of those plays that the NCAA has really cracked down on.

It was a physical game and DU really asserted themselves physically for the first time all season.