Friday, November 28, 2008

Heisenberg's Website Reveals Military Secrets

We were amused to find that the Air Force Academy doesn't reveal the birth dates of its hockey players, according to an article by Mike Chambers in today's Denver Post.

The military is probably afraid that al-Qaeda will send the players birthday cards.

It only took LetsGoDU 30 seconds to find all the players ages on Chris Heisenberg's Recruiting Website (we'd give you the link to Heisenberg's site, but then we'd have to eliminate you).

From Denver Post:
Birth dates are missing beside Air Force hockey players' names for a reason, but no, it has nothing to do with hiding "old" age. It is classified information throughout the military, from an Army general to an Air Force cadet.

However, the Falcons had no problem releasing the average age of their 25-man roster, a figure that reveals one of the secrets behind the program's All-American success.

Average age: 23.6, and nobody under 20. [read rest of article]


dggoddard said...

If the FBI shuts down Heisenberg's Site on "National Security Grounds," LetsGoDU will will move up the "Most Relavent College Hockey Blogs" Rankings.

Anonymous said...

obviously dggo has never been in the military.

dggoddard said...

Umm. No. :-)