Thursday: Defining a Pioneer Community Discussion

(above) The Boone Flag flies at LetsGoDU's World Headquarters

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Campus leaders at the University of Denver have organized a “Defining a Pioneer” community discussion to be held Thursday, November 6, 2008 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. in Sturm Hall at the University of Denver.

Interested alumni, students, community members, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to attend. Alums who are unable to attend are encouraged to email questions, opinions or pertinent information to


Anonymous said...

Is this la casa de Damien?

Thanks for all of the coverage. We are excited to see the turnout and dialogue that will begin tomorrow on defining a Pioneer.

dggoddard said...


When we were hanging the flag up yesterday for a "photo shot," one of the neighbors stopped walking his dog for a chat.

Turns out he was a professor at Rice University. He liked the banner and we spoke about DU hockey and how Rice is "wasting millions of dollars each year on football."

Boone brings people together. :-)

Jon Yan said...

That's my Booneshine Image!!! Lol

Can we get a citation?

Courtesy of Jon Yan and Kevin Chavez?

dggoddard said...


Absolutely. Its done.

Email me any other photoshop efforts like that & we'll post it.

- dg

du78 said...

I believe the photo is of the servant's quarters at la casa de Damien. He has them busy in the sweatshop in the back churning out flags and t-shirts. :-)

puck swami said...

If you are in Denver, please show up at the meeting tonight and be heard.

If you are not in Denver, send your thoughts to

Either way, In my view, Pioneer fans have a civic obligation to particpate in the process.

dggoddard said...


What about the "hundreds of protest emails" to Chancellor Coombe's letter? The Channel 9 Message Board receiving over 100 posts from the Denver community? LetsGoDU receiving hundreds of posts protesting the decision? And thousands of DU stakeholders voting for Boone's return in the survey last Fall?

Was that all for nothing?

puck swami said...

Of course all those protests count. But that was last week.

I think the anti-Boone forces are waiting for the pro-Boones to get tired, slack off and stop showing up while the anti's try to stack the deck and control the dialog.

Gotta keep the pressure on. Momentum counts!

Anonymous said...

I would encourage those that sent emails to the Chancellor's office, commented on the 9News article, etc. to also send their thoughts to This is a sounding board for those views on what it means to be a Pioneer. Be that, Boone, Ruckus, or other, those voices need to be heard and articulated.

dggoddard said...

I sent mine on Tuesday. :-)