Denver Post: Latest Bozak Surgery Update

All-American hockey candidate Tyler Bozak of the University of Denver will have knee surgery Friday, but the team is hoping he'll return next month, his coach said.

"It's brutal. Pretty upset about it," Bozak said. "Nothing you can do now but hope for a fast recovery, and get back into the lineup as quick as I can." [read rest of article]


tt said...

This sucks :( Hopefully he can pull himself back together soon.

On another note ... go to and listen live. Mike Rosen (DU Alum) is having a big debate about Boone!!!!

puck swami said...

KOA also archives the Rosen show for next day listening on the web, so we'll watch out for a link.

dggoddard said...

Thanks TT for the heads up. We'll look for the KOA link and get it posted ASAP.

Any recollections on what Rosen said.

tt said...

I kept getting busy at my store and had to turn it down a few times unfortunately. I'll have to check out the archive myself to get the full segment.

Along with DU and Boone .. NoDak and other universities with silly PC problems were discussed.

It's still alive!