All DU Hockey Games To Be Televised Except One

With the college football season coming to a close, a record number of University of Denver hockey games will be available to college hockey fans around the USA.

DU fans with DirectTV or Dish Network will be able to watch every Denver hockey game, except one, for the remainder of the season. Also any viewers with cable packages that are able to access FSN-Rocky Mountain and the NHL Network on their "expanded sports tier" will also be able to enjoy the action.

If your cable company only provides a three channel FSN Package on their expanded sports tier, a vast majority of DU hockey games will be available.

The only game not televised nationally will be the Feb. 7th contest at Minnesota-Duluth.
  • 1/2 Holy Cross - 7:35 PM - FSN-RM
  • 1/3 RPI or BU (Denver Cup) - FSN-RM
  • 1/9 Michigan Tech - FSN-RM
  • 1/10 Michigan Tech - FSN-RM
  • 1/23 @ North Dakota - FSN-RM
  • 1/24 @ North Dakota - FSN-RM
  • 1/30 Alaska Anchorage - FSN-RM
  • 1/31 Alaska Anchorage - FSN-RM
  • 2/6 @ Minnesota Duluth - NHL Network
  • 2/7 @ Minnesota Duluth
  • 2/13 @ Colorado College - FSN-RM
  • 2/20 @ Wisconsin - NHL Network
  • 2/21 @ Wisconsin - FSN-RM
  • 2/27 St. Cloud - FSN-RM
  • 2/28 St. Cloud - FSNRM
  • 3/7 Colorado College - FSN-RM
  • 3/13-15 WCHA Playoffs
  • * FSNRM = Fox Sports Network
  • ** NHL Network


Goon said...

It would be interesting to see if that means that FCS will pick up a few of these. I watch the games on FSN-FCS when they are on.

du78 said...

FCS has picked up every DU game so far thsi season. I would expect them to pick up pretty much all of the FSN-RM games for the rest of the season. Last year they picked up all of the games.

Goon said...

Good deal, I actually like listening to the DU TV guys they don't have an announcer like the RUG from Minnesota that wears pom poms when he is doing the game and the DU FSN RM guys do a really good job of breaking down the game for the listener.

I wish they did some of the NCAA games they would be a lot better than Bob Norton.

du78 said...

From what I can tell so far from the FCS schedule is that neither DU game in the Denver Cup will be picked up by FCS this weekend. I have seen this before and then as the week moves on their schedule changes to include them. Looks like so far they are picking up Brown/Minny and a Wisconsin game this weekend.