"Matt Trick" Video To Be Released At Sundance

LetsGoDU Video Distribution and The Boone Underground Productions are proud to present "Strength & Honor: The Matt Trick" Indie Film. This short film captures DU's trials and tribulations in Mankato against Minnesota State University.

A plucky hockey player named Matt Glasser from Calgary, Alberta records his first collegiate hat trick.

Make sure you click the "HQ" button to watch the video in "high-quality" mode to capture the true essence of the film.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video. Your blog is a thing of beauty. Keep up the good work.

Amy said...

Awesome! ^^

dggoddard said...

On behalf of our entire team we thank everyone for the compliments. We have so much help putting together this blog.

These videos are produced for us by a DU fan who is doing an awesome job.

The Photoshop pics are done by a DU student, who is so freaking talented.

We have some of the best hockey writers in the country sending us exclusive stories on DU players and alums.

The Quality Control coordinator is on my ass every day, feeding us content and keeping fresh ideas flowing.

Countless readers are finding stories from around North America about DU hockey and emailing us content.

We have a half dozen Denver based fans who are going to be helping with the Boone Pep Rally against Tech in 10 days.

Thanks to everyone who helps us, posts comments and reads the blog.

Anonymous said...

It is a great site. I look at it everyday. How I enjoy DU hockey.

msbdu said...

Once again the staff has captured the esscence of DU hockey. Fantastic job, give the boys in the office a raise and the day off.

achsdu17 said...

Awesome vid!

Is there anything I could do to help out with the Boone Pep Rally?

du78 said...

Fabulous video!!!!!

MagnessMan said...

This video is great! I love the lead in. It makes it so great! I could just watch this thing over and over as I wait for BU.

msbdu said...


I think I speak for all of us, you do an unbelievable job on this site. We appreciate all of your efforts. Can't wait for the "second season" to start!


Anonymous said...

WOW.........I've played this about 20 times now. This belongs on the Big Center Ice Magness Arena SCOREBOARD. Every DU hockey fan needs to see this. Just great work. Happy New Year to all. GO DU

dggoddard said...

I agree the Big Screen at Magness. Obvious copyright issues, but we'll get some attorneys and plead plausible deniability. :-)


Send me an email.


LetsGoMavs said...

Cool video!