A "Badger Blaster" on the Rocks with a Twist

When Rhett Rakhshani scored this goal on Saturday night it shook up the Wisconson Badgers


dggoddard said...


Ingredients to use:

4.0 oz Cranberry juice
4.0 oz Orange juice
3.0 oz Premium Vodka
Ice Cubes From Kohl Center
1 Lime Slice

Directions: Chip ice from the Kohl Center ice rink. Put all of the following in a glass and stir. Twist of Lime for show. Enjoy cocktail while watching Badger season go down the tubes.

du78 said...

I'll have two!

Anonymous said...

make mine a double, has anuone heard if the badgers did anything to the chump that threw tr to the ice?

dggoddard said...

Pretty sure nothing happened to Mitchell.

Doubtful that DU would want him to be suspended because DU needs Wisconsin to start winning. We have a 4-0-0 record against them, so it helps our Pairwise and we need them to beat UND next week to have a shot at the MacNaughton.

Twister said...

I'll take two of those as well. Sounds like a good finisher after a couple of Molson tall boys at Magness........

vizoroo said...

Between Salazar's "Easiest" goal and this one Connelly was lost and the badger bashing had just begun.

How about a Rakhshani hat trick tonight? But he doesn't have to wait until the last 6 minutes to get started.

DG, you are a man of many talents! I may be forced to buy some Cranberry juice before the game tonight. Best be prepared for another blast or 2 or 3 from the Rock!

dggoddard said...

Don't forget the Kohl Center ice cubes! They are the magic ingredient that cures all DU's problems.

Anonymous said...

The Announcer for UW Sports blasting Connelly was crap. He got no help from the D. And no one team is playing great defense this year. Probably why everyone is having Pairwise problems

Surprisingly, the two best teams in the league are in the top three in scoring defens.