DU Rides "Colborne Express" to Tie CC 3-3

(above) Go DU

(above) DU fans share the love

(above) Over 100 DU hockey fans squeezed into Outback Steakhouse for the pregame festivities

(Above) Pregame at Outback

(above) We agree, Skin Dem Tigers

(above) The "Bring Back Boone" Flag was dramatically backlit with flashlights smuggled into World Arena

(above) Colorado College sneaks one by Chevy

(above) A tie is like kissing your sister, but against Colorado College you also risk mononucleosis

It was an epic night in Colorado Springs. The DU hockey team was able to pull out a dramatic tie in the waning seconds and the Colorado Springs Police Department was out in force with two under cover officers stationed behind the DU student section in World Arena.

It was more than a little ironic that the Colorado Springs Police were harassing Denver fans, because we have been the victims of racist taunts, assaults and harassment at the hands of CC fans in World Arena in past seasons. Luckily the "weasels" moved onto greener pastures after the first period, and Colorado College was able to choke up another certain victory after blowing a 3-1 lead at home.

The DU student section cheered lustily throughout the game chanting the full repertoire of cheers from "Fifty-Seven" to "LetsGoDU," but nothing matched this one...
Give me a "C"
Give me an "A"
Give me an "S"
Give me an "T'
Give me an "R"
Give me an "O'
Whats that spell? "Castro"
Whats that mean? "Fifty-Seven"


First Star: Joe Colborne (Denver)
Second Star: Richard Bachman (Colorado College)
Third Star: Brian Connelly (Colorado College)


ticklethetwine said...

You should be happy with that tie. However more troubling signs ring out. 4 wins in the last 11 games. Not what I would call tearing it up. Hey at least this team you didn't get beat by 6 walkons.

Highway 2 and 35 said...

Nice pics. I'm surprised you were not at a true bar, so to speak. Colorado Springs is more of a Outback, Chili's, Red Robin type of town. ha Congrats on your 1 point. Could prove to be big. I am still hoping NoDak sweeps their way to the MacNaughton Cup. One win after another is the grand plan. Maybe the Pairwise will give us a break and let us in.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. We are all hoping NoDak loses the rest of their games and finishes as close to last as possible.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Gwoz see what the rest of us see: the passing is horrible.

This team needs to practice passing. Passing drills, all day passing, focus on passes ...

they missed some great chances when teammates overskated or mishandled or just plain missed passes.

Twister said...

Gutsy effort last night. The Pios kept battling and earned a tie. It stinks to go another year without the Gold Pan, but maybe the perserverance shown by DU translates to bigger things this year.

I thought Colborne had one of his better games of the season--the goals aside, he was strong on the puck and threw his weight around a bit. I thought Rhett played very well also.

Despie the recent mediocrity in terms of wins and losses, DU clings precariously to 1st place in the WCHA. Can the series next weekend againt the Badgers be any bigger?!

Anonymous said...

Hwy 2 & 35 - sounds like you have decided to come over here to the DU board because you can't handle the Minny boards/fans. You know that if you put out your comments on a Minny board that they would tear your inbred arse a new hole.

puck swami said...

The CS police were acting like real a-holes last night with under-cover harrassment and outright profiling of DU fans, ID seizures, etc. I thought the the DU fans were very patient and tolerant of this rather silly display of municipal muscle-flexing bravado. Shocking that they don't have anything better to do...

Anonymous said...

2 and 35....no one in Denver gives a rip about the Sioux, homeboy. And if you're a Colorado resident but your heart is in North Dakota you have some major issues.

achsdu17 said...

At least DU and CC can agree on one thing. In fact most hockey teams agree. North Dakota is the biggest cancer to all of hockey.

ticklethetwine said...