UMD 4 - DU 2 Final

(above) Duluth jumped on DU early on Saturday night

Minnesota-Duluth jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the 1st period tonight against the University of Denver. The game was basically over early, but DU had opportunities to get back into it.

UMD outshot DU every period this weekend, so Denver was probably fortunate to leave Duluth with a split.

With the University of Wisconsin's sweep of Minnesota, DU and the Badgers are tied for first place in the WCHA.
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Denver Post game recap

Duluth News-Tribune game recap


dggoddard said...

Good road split against a tough opponent. DU needs to bring it on Saturday night against CC.

achsdu17 said...

Well we at least leave with a split so my expectations were made. However, it's obvious from this series and last week that Denver's D really sucks right now. They have major issues to take care of as they look like the Avalanche when it comes to clearing the net and turning the puck over in the slot.

Helpful tips for the Crimson and Gold... pass the puck to the guy in the same color jersey as you. Not the opposite color.

Also don't pass the puck up the slot when you have opposing players in the same zone.

Then finally work on that transition game.

Oh well CC coming up... I say that game is a must win for Denver since it will be the only game next week. Since that is the one and only game on the week I better see DU give it 100% effort to. No Excuses!

BTW my sister is drawing a new Boone for the weekend. Safari Hunter Boone with the title
Skin The Tigers!
Skin The Tigers!
Skin The Tigers!

See ya at the Springs!

dggoddard said...

See you in the Springs.

du78 said...

Gold Pan on the line next Friday, must win for DU if they want it. Tie does them no good. Need to beat CC twice to get the pan. Two ties or a tie and a win by DU, CC retains the Gold Pan.

Highway 2 and 35 said...

I listened to part of the game using your link. Thanks for the link. I loved UMD's radio call. Excellent call and they were not homers. Does anyone know if Mullen's slash will be reviewed by the league? Sounded like the guy from UMD may have broken a metacarpal bone. Good luck with Colorado Springs Community College.

dggoddard said...

DU was as high as 5th tonight in the Pairwise before dropping to 8th after the loss was recorded.

Mullen was given a game misconduct penalty. I believe it was Mike Connolly who was injured on the play.

Anonymous said...

dggoddard said: "...DU needs to bring it on Saturday night against CC."

Yes...feel free to 'bring it on SATURDAY'! After CC takes DU to the woodshed on FRIDAY...

msbdu said...

Ok, I ask the question once again, where is the defense? Mullen is color blind, he keeps passing to the other team.

Way too many SOG.

Twister said...

Mission accomplished this weekend getting the split, although it sounds as though DU was more lucky than good and was outplayed for most of the weekend. Nevertheless, getting 2 points was critical.

The Pios are now tied for first in the league with the Badgers. Hard to believe there are only 6 games left in the regular season. Since that nice 7-game winning streak to wrap up December, the Pios are a mediocre 4-4-2 and appear to be hanging on by their fingernails.

Anonymous said...

DU can thank the refs for a split last weekend. Horrible call friday night taking UMD's goal away and basically handing DU a 2 goal swing. CC should have no problem with a weak DU team that can't put it together.