Colorado College, Always A Bridesmaid

As DU gets ready to get ready to end Colorado College's regular season this weekend, we at LetsGoDU are in a reflective mood. So lets take a glance down Interstate 25 at our little sister, Colorado College.

Sure its easy to go to the games and chant "Fifty-Seven," "CC Sucks," "Where's your Banners?," "Who's your Daddy?" & my personal favorite, "Denver Rejects." But do we ever stop to think where these bile filled chants actually come from?

Lets face it, we've been kicking CC's ass for almost 60 years now, but lets take time to think about the hundreds of DU hockey players and coaches that have made it all possible. Sure there are many CC hockey alums who have choked away games, blown leads in the playoffs, whiffed on open nets and let in mind boggling easy goals, but we're trying to accentuate the positive.

So as you enjoy the games this weekend, give a little thanks for all our wonderful current and former players that have made all this possible.


ticklethetwine said...

All though all this slap stick is funny. I don't think if I was a DU fan I would be laughing for to long. CC is no joke. They are going to give DU all they can handle and more. Again the funny stuff is ok but will that smile turn upside down come friday night.

Talk is that CC is the best college team to come out of Colorado this year.

dggoddard said...

Good because we play them on Saturday and Magness Arena is going to the biggest "Sock Hop" the City of Denver has seen in over 50 years.

Great Balls Of Fire.

Anonymous said...

I've seen that photo somewhere before.....isn't that Miss North Dakota?

Anonymous said...

ticklemysack.....are you a closet CC fan or just trying to cover up your massive man-crush on Scott Owens???

Anonymous said...

Who quotes preseason projections with one game left in the season? It's obvious to those who aren't in denial (CC fans) that there are 2 in-state teams better than the Tigers.