Boone Makes +5% Jump In Overnight Clarion Poll

At midnight the latest Clarion Poll results showed Boone widening his lead in the Mascot Survey on the Clarion Website. Boone made a startling 5% gain from the day before. Most of the increase came at the expense of the "Less Offensive Boone" Group.

LetsGoDU Pollsters believe that students are seeing that the new Mascot is not offensive and are switching their allegiance. Yesterday's Poll had Boone at 68%, Anti-Boone 21%, Less-Offensive Boone 10% & Ruckus 1%.


pvlo8 said...

Maybe we should all give the Chancellor a little credit here. Maybe it was his intent all along to deny Boone from returning as the official mascot in order to create a special kind of groundswell among students and alumni in order to build school spirit. According to the Clarion poll, his plan worked! Had the Chancellor agreed to bringing back Boone from the beginning, Boone would have returned, but possibly without all of this fanfare. Boone would have simply been a mascot representing the students and alumni of DU. Now, Boone is some kind of mascot celebrity among the students. Controversy is good. The Chancellor should be congratulated. (PS I don't really think this is his plan, but wonderful for the students and alumni that this level of attention to a mascot has developed.)

Anonymous said...

the 5% increase in boone supporters is impressive, but let's not over look that the number of ruckus supporters DOUBLED!

dggoddard said...

Coombe is a worthy advisory, part Lord Voldemort, part Professor Quirrell.

Anyone who thinks this battle is over or that he is through using dirty tricks against our beloved mascot is delusional.

You've got to give Coombe credit, he not afraid of 87% of the population. You had better believe that there's some powerful anti-Boone forces on the Board of Trustees for him to take this much grief. Trustees that never attended the University of Denver I might add.


Anonymous said...


Interesting thought. The Boone mascot seems to be a leveraged product of Coombe's ignorance and stupidity. Shocking.

On the other hand, I have a feeling that the pro-Boone movement would have taken over even if he gave an OK in the first place. At least now people have seen the power that such a movement can generate.

DG, have you ever received a response from Coombe? I've been curious because it seems like you would be his number one target. :) Just wondering...

dggoddard said...

I wrote him an email when all this got started. Identified myself as a donor to the university. Said I was in favor of bringing Boone back.

He never responded.

Coombe suggested in his email, "What we do need is a community-wide discussion of what it means to be a Pioneer, for today and the future, and I ask that the history and traditions committee and our student and alumni organizations take up this question with a view to building community and clarifying our identity."

Well the only group that has done this, that I know of, is "LetsGoDU" and we've come up with a solution. A kick-ass mascot that has "built community" and sure as hell "clarified our identity." :-)

puck swami said...

The DU History and Traditions Committee did mount a campus meeting to solicit mascot feedback shortly after Coombe's letter was written, and about 50-60 people showed up.

Since then, most of the committee members have cited "mascot fatigue" and no longer participate. After all, the Anti Boone forces scored a win with Coombe's letter and have no ideas of their own, while the pro-Boone folks have rallied around this latest unofficial mascot.

The more the unnoficial Boone is liked, the greater his chances of sticking around.