Former Avs Player Has Eye On Two DU Recruits

(left) DU recruits Paul Phillips and teammate Matt Donovan are being pursued by sports agents or "family advisors" as the NCAA likes to call them

From: Colorado Springs Gazette
by Jeff Johnson

Shjon Podein was in the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders locker room early this month, talking to a reporter. Podein, who spent 10 years as a high-energy forward in the NHL, is still in hockey these days but in a different capacity. He works as a player agent, or “family adviser,” since college bound hockey players are amateurs.

“It’s a fun way to stay in the game,” said Podein, 41, a Stanley Cup winner with the Colorado Avalanche. “You see the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Podein works for a company called Octagon that represents 150 athletes in all sports, according to its Web site.

Podein’s admitted he has an agent-to-be eye on Cedar Rapids RoughRiders players Paul Phillips and Matt Donovan.

Phillips likely will be an NHL draft pick this summer. Donovan was taken last year in the fourth round by the New York Islanders. Both defensemen will play next year for the University of Denver.

Podein was asked if he thought Phillips and Donovan would play in the NHL.

“Yeah, I think they’ll all get a taste of the pie,” he said. “How much? You never know. It’s such a long way off. It is a very hard road, and all these guys are a long way from it. But at the same time, their percentages of making it, I know their work ethics, I know their character, and that adds up to so much behind the scenes. Those kids have a much higher percentage of making it than a lot of other kids.”


Anonymous said...

JeezoPeezo; now they're getting "marked" before they even get here? Give us a chance to see them in atleast a few DU home games, please! Young Matty Donovan and the Drew-meister just might be the next ones to turn Magness Arena into one of the most hated places to play in all of college hockey.... and they might be on everybody's mind come next spring!
Here, here - a TOAST to Steve Miller & the DU Recruiting team!

Aluuum said...

Next year could be our year !!
This year Our weakness was defense(not goalie)and these teen age phenoms will solve that problem.

Anonymous said...

If y'all think you've seen everything that Marc Cheverie has -y'all are in for a Lil' surprise. Enjoy watching him in 2010 in Denver becuz homeboy's gonna be living... and playing hockey in the NHL, in sunny Florida, sooner than you think. Cheverie will be the superstar goalie to come out of Denver - "marc my words"!