DU To Host Multiculurial Pep Rally On Friday

(above) DU will be rocking on Friday night to the music of Kartik Seshadri

DU hockey fans looking for a good time on Friday won't want to miss the 8th Annual University of Denver Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence.

Chancellor Coombe's dream of transforming the University of Denver into an institution that values and practices "Inclusive Excellence" will be highlighted at the Diversity Summit. Millions of DU tuition dollars have been spent to create a "multicultural experience" at DU that is second to none. Sure its been expensive, but with a star studded line-up of events on Friday, we can all see its been worth it.

Two years ago, under the command of Chancellor Coombe, the University of Denver made an institutional commitment to Inclusive Excellence, the philosophical and practical concept that inclusiveness and excellence are one in the same. Or in other words, get rid of all mascots and images that look like "Pioneers."

There will be plenty of good times at the Summit including workshops that ask, "Is Your World Too White?"
"This session is for faculty and administrators trying to deal with a racist society. Participants will examine 25 different ways that all people, but whites in particular, can examine institutional racism and white privilege and take immediate tangible steps to increase inclusivity at DU and in their personal lives."
Two weeks ago two DU students attended the 10th Annual White Privilege Conference in early April. The annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) serves as a yearly opportunity to examine and explore difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and oppression.

In order to keep the event as environmentally friendly as possible attendees are asked to leave the Hummers and SUV's at home when attending the Conference. Participants are encouraged take public transportation.


msbdu said...

This might be a great opportunity for Boone to show up!!! I am sure that the three faculty members that oppose him will be in attendance.

It is so good to be inclusive. Lets be all things to all people

dggoddard said...

The good news: Sponsors are paying for this entire event.

The bad news: Almost all the "sponsors" are DU organizations so the event is funded by DU Tuition & Fees.

vizoroo said...

Where's the seminar, "Children of Privilege at DU"? ;-}

Donald Dunlop said...

It's about time the rich spoiled arrogant predominantly caucasian students at this pretentious Yale-wannabe school are exposed to something other than the peach-colored skin they've only seen their whole sheltered lives before they leave school and go back to work for daddy's business.

msbdu said...

Hang on Donald, there are some of us who don't fit your stereo typical DU mold. I for one paid my way thru DU and worked full time all four years. I suppose that would be like saying all UAA graduates live in an igloo.

Anonymous said...

Nah Donald is right for a majority of the students.


I also paid my entire way (yep ENTIRE) way through DU, but the sad part is we're a minority to the new Beverly Hills kids...or should I say Hamptons?

dggoddard said...

When I attended Denver in the mid-eighties a four-year DU education was about the same price as a fully loaded '86 Cadillac. Today four years at DU costs about $200,000 or the price of a pretty nice condo.

Until DU gets the price of tuition down, way down, minority enrollment will suffer.

But I digress. Coombe's is taking DU down this "Multiculural path" which is laced with politics, will be very unpopular with alums and won't improve diversity at DU one iota.

puck swami said...

DU can't really drop its prices "much, becuase the full pay students' families are the ones that subsidize the "discounted" students on scholarships and finanical aid, and the endowment is too small to make up the difference. 60-70% of the kids at DU are being discounted, while 30-40% pay full pop.

If DU were drop it's prices, it would need to admit more kids to offset the reduced income, and DU does not have the room to do that, nor do they want to affect the selectivity.

I am sure DU has done a lot with price-elasticity research to optimize itself in terms of the best income scenarios in a down economy.

The other factor that no one want's to talk about is the top 100 schools cost more becuase people do attach price tag to perception of prestige among peers.