Perretta & Francescon Win DU Presidential Election

An hour ago its was announced that Antoine Perretta & Jim Francescon won the DU election as President and Vice-President of the AUSA Senate.

The results were supposed to be announced at 9 PM last night but there were some issues related to the online voting.

This year 34% of the student body voted versus 25% last year, an increase of 36% over the previous year. A remarkable turnout and many deserve praise for pushing the voting numbers to near record levels.

Congratulations to those that won the election and to those who missed out, stay involved on campus. Help the students, alumni & administration build school spirit, a better campus and better environment for all our students.

2009-10 AUSA Senate Election Results
*Number on left indicates the number of votes cast

1607* President / Vice President
Antoine Perretta / Jim Francescon

677* Daniels College of Business

Natasha Kiemnec
Jeremy Lynch

113* HRTM
Tim Healy

117* Korbel School of International Studies
Sean Johnson

36* Performing Arts
Lucia Thomas

40* SECS
Lynsey Simon

260* SOCS
Tyler Gerk

495* Sophomore Senators
Milan Chatterjee
Max Ravech

453* Junior Senators
Chris Fettig
Nathan Pearson

397* Senior Senators
Lalu Abebe
Tuyen Trisa Bri

408* On Campus Senator
Dillon Doyle
Sonia Wilk

1190* Off Campus Senator
Katie Bernell
Matt Johnson


Anonymous said...

Did we pull of the Boone-slide? :)

dggoddard said...

I've sent a few emails up to Denver and are awaiting the results on the rest of the Senate.

Can't seem to find them posted in any of the usual spots: Clarion, Senate Website,

I'll be interested to see if there was a heavier turnout this year. The election was three days long. Not sure what it was last year. A heavier than usual vote count might be a good sign for the Boone issue.

Let us know if there's a link to the results out there.

Anonymous said...

Great job Antoine! Jim is kind of a puppet, but I don't think Javi Ogaz would do a half-way decent job as an AUSA president. Although I hope that Joel stays involved in senate. I like what he brings to the table.


Anonymous said...

We had a record 34% voter turnout this year. Thanks to the work of John McMahon, Tess Cromer, and the SAC committee, who are being insulted in another post.

Anonymous said...

I mean no personal insult to Ms. Cromer, but I have very little respect for her as, to this point, I cannot seem to find a consistant and specific rationale on her part for why she is against Boone.

Fine, we get that it could be give us a who, a why, and how you know.

And the job was done by all of AUSA, not just one person. It takes a lot of people to get things of this magnitude done. Attributing it to one person's efforts is slighting the rest of those who worked on getting the word out to vote. This would include all of the time that even the candidates themselves took in campaigning not only for themselves, but for the students to vote period.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post.

First off, we need to stop singling out Tess Cromer in our comments. John McMahon equally participated in the quote, if anything, at a higher level. It is unfair that only Tess's picture is being displayed on the site, and she's getting all the heat, when there are others involved.

There are also a number of other school leaders who are publicly anti-Boone. We should also go after them.

Regarding the turnout of voters, yes the candidates played a role in the higher turnout, but not too much. It was Cromer and McMahon who worked with various student organizations, UTS, and organized "get out the vote" efforts that increased voter turnout.

dggoddard said...

Number of Student Voters In Previous Elections

2009 - 1,607
2008 - 1,028
2007 - 1,120
2006 - ? (contested election)
2005 - 1,609
2004 - 1,523

Anonymous said...

I don't know who these cromer and mcmahon people are and I don't really care. I'm sure they're just some self-impressed, touchy-feely, wannabe-academics. Regardless, no one seems to know why a little guy with an adorable smile, a raccoon hat, and an intrepid spirit is offensive. Is george washington offensive too? Let's just bring back Boone and let him stand as all our historical figures do - as an imperfect but important part of our heritage; as an embodiment of both our best hopes and (maybe) our occasional mistakes.

Boone is an image of humanity and not its prototype. Let's worship him for all of which that entails.

I love Boone!

Tess said...


I'm not sure how much you are concerned with accuracy on this blog, but I'd like to offer up a couple corrections to this post.
-Results were supposed to be announced at 5:30 pm according to the election by-laws that were voted on by the AUSA Senate.
-The results were announced the morning after the election ended due to an issue with UTS, which had nothing to do with voting procedures.
-It should also be noted that the voting procedure this year was essentially the same as in previous years. It has been three days for at least 6-8 years, and voting has occurred online at least the past 4 years if not longer.

Thanks for your time.