Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pro-Boone Students Needed To Run For Senate

According to the Clarion, applications for 2009-2010 Senate are due on Monday at 5 p.m. "The Rebel Alliance" needs students who will stand up for school spirit and are willing to stare down bully tactics from the administration.

Encourage friends to run for the AUSA Senate and help us chart a course for Boone to return to DU.

A recent Clarion Poll showed that 81% of the DU community stands united behind the Boone mascot.


Anonymous said...

Peretta and Francescon ARE pro Boone...just lettin' folks know...

dggoddard said...

Great to hear.

Once the Clarion publishes a list of candiates, we'll post info on the candidates thatare pro-Boone.

Anonymous said...

I guess I understand the ice skating and the photos with administration. But no photos with coaches or players? That seems too strict. :(

dggoddard said...

This is the way the game is played. The Chancellor decides to ban Boone, we ignore him and Bring Boone Back.

Now DU doesn't want Boone on the ice. We'll fight harder than ever to bring Boone back on the ice.

DU can't defeat The People's Mascot.