Spirit Rock Tribe Votes To Support Sioux Nickname

(above) Hold off ordering the Travertine marble for a few more weeks

From: Grand Forks Herald

FORT TOTTEN, N.D. — Spirit Lake voters apparently overwhelmingly support UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname in a referendum Tuesday.

Late Tuesday, the Herald was still trying to verify the results with election judges. But nickname supporter Eunice Davidson said her source at the ballot counting site said the unofficial results are 774 “yes” to 378 “no,” giving the nickname 67 percent of the vote.

Some voters wore apparel bearing the word “Sioux” in UND green or the Indian head logo used by the university’s hockey team, the very things that nickname opponents have called racist and demeaning.

And those who wore the supposedly offensive symbols weren’t even doing it to make a point. They said that’s just what they wear because they like and are even proud of the nickname.

“I’m so happy,” Davidson said. “I know the campaign we run we tried to stay on the positive side, didn’t try to run anybody down.”

One anti-nickname organizer Erich Longie had earlier said he didn’t think his side would prevail because it hadn’t had enough time to educate voters, which includes accusing pro-nickname organizers of getting financial support from Ralph Engelstad Arena, the home of the UND hockey team.

The arena and nickname supporters say that’s simply not true.

Terry Morgan, a key anti-nickname organizer, said his side just didn’t have enough time. He’d recently gone to a pro-nickname household, he said, shared information and converted them.

“If I could honestly sit down with a lot of people, I could talk a lot of people out of it,” Morgan said. He’s not sure what nickname opponents will do next, he said, but they’ll still keep fighting.

Some voters who the Herald spoke with either said they didn’t care what opponents had to say or had heard and were unconvinced.

The nickname would still need the support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe if UND is to keep it. That’s the main condition of a settlement between the university and the NCAA, which opposes Indian mascots.

Standing Rock nickname supporters say they’re working to win their tribe’s approval, but the Tribal Council has resisted a referendum.


dggoddard said...

Wait a minute. Does this mean that people aren't offended by "Pioneer" & "Boone?"

Anonymous said...

Only Coombe's lame ass

Jordan said...

I heard through the grapevine (*so this is 100% speculative*) that Coombe doesn't have a problem with Boone but some faculty members still do so his hands are tied.

dggoddard said...

If its true that some the Faculty are the issue, then cut funding to their departments, reassign the "rabble rousers" to teaching Freshman English and freeze their salaries.

I'd rather have my employees (faculty) hating me than my customers (students, alumni).

Aluuum said...

Jordan--If Coombe doesn't have a problem with Boone then he just might try LEADING instead of following.

Anonymous said...

If Coombe likes Boone and "his hands are tied," he has truly become a textbook pussy. He kisses ass to the wannabe "diversified" members of the school while turning his back on the school's heart and soul: the students.

Some people just need to wake up. Every time I turn around, I hear about some DU/non-DU group bitching and moaning about one small instance of possible offensiveness - Oh no! We'll boycott a Seth Rogen movie because it has rape! Won't support good old Boone there because he "could" be taken as a white killer of Native Americans!

People seem to think we live in this utopia society filled with red tape and egg shells so everyone can get along. Fact is, there are still millions of rapists, bigots, sexists, and others out there who really don't care. The more we try to dig out this splinter of offensiveness from Boone, the deeper it goes...

He's a mascot for christ's sake. He represents unity, school spirit, and FUN. DG and everyone involved with this blog should be COMMENDED for achieving what this school's administration has failed to do in an entire decade.

Anonymous said...

We have a DU Prof as a neighbor and that guy is truly a freak show. I bet he hates Boone. Think I will cut down a tree to celebrate earth day.

puck swami said...

Some Universities think they have the 'moral authority' to 'set the example' for the rest of society, and they thrust their kumbayas and perfect diverse little worlds on the rest of us. Coombe's power at DU comes from faculty support, unlike Ritchie, who didn't care what faculty thought. Ironically, Coombe probably would have approved Boone if his facult had been behind him. Ricthie hated Boone.

So here we are...

Anonymous said...

This discussion is getting of the mark, this is a PC move by the administration (Coombe) and has been all along. I think it is safe to say the majority of faculty don't give a crap about Boone one way or the other (probably don't even know about the issue -not sports fans). Only a small group (literally just a couple) of vocal faculty actively supported the anti-Boone agenda.

And believe me, Coombe doesn't give a crap about what the faculty think about ANY issue. Why do I know this, I am a faculty member (have been for ten years). I am a huge, life-long hockey fan and have had season tickets to DU since I started working there. I follow this blog and agree, with much of what is said. But the faculty have little to do with this issue one way or the other. You (students and alumni) are the ones that can push it. And before you start ripping on me for staying anonymous and not speaking out...I still need this job. Just thought you should know that not all faculty are PC freaks! Go Boone!

puck swami said...

Sorry, but the faculty has EVERYTHING to do with this issue. If ANY pro-Boone faculty would have stood up and fought for Boone, we'd have Boone official by now.

No faculty members have stuck up for Boone publically. None. Zero. Zilch.

The only faculty who bothered to care about this are the anti-Boones, so that's the inside line that gets the grease from Coombe.

I understand that most of them may not care, but there must be 10-20% of them that could stand up to the rather specious argument posed by the 5 anti-Boones.

Certainly, those pro-Boone faculty who have tenure (with nothing to risk) could have helped enormously to give out argument some academic credibility. But they didn't bother. They hung us alumni and students out to dry.

Anonymous said...

I have to side with Swami on this one. I understand the risk of support, but this isn't a nazi regime here. This is a university where ideas and different opinions (of both the students and faculty) should flow.

If you really think that a university which will fire you rather than respect your differences is worth your time, then so be it. Honestly, you put the entire system to shame by bending over and taking it from behind for the last 10 years.

This complacence has to stop. It's really taking over the issue. From all of the facts, figures, interviews, rumors, and action taken by supporters, a majority doesn't give two shits about Boone being PC. The problem is faculty such as yourself are only willing to give their views so long as they play the political game. Put up or shut up. This movement needs all of the support and inside resources that it can get so grow a pair and stop living a lie. Time to get to work.

What a disgrace.

dggoddard said...

I bet I received at least 20 emails, maybe more, from people who encouraged me on the Boone issue but didn't want their names published.

achsdu17 said...

I had teachers who really wanted Boone back as well. I understand what you mean by protecting your job.

I think the students on the board should stand up and speak out though. They have nothing to lose and if they really believe in the cause they shouldn't be saying one thing and do another.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, off season, all mascots, all the time.