Chancellor Coombe Starts His Own Blog

(above) Chancellor Coombe's new blog

University of Denver Chancellor Robert Coombe has a new blog. So far he's only posting once a month and a few students have responded with comments.

You must have a DU ID (faculty, staff, student) in order to comment on the blog postings.

Coombe has yet to address the mascot issue or "white privilege," but if he wants any pointers on inciting the masses or driving up readership LetsGoDU is here to help.


Pioneers04 said...

you linked to pg 2 again

Amy said...

Lets Go DU Blog > Coombe's Blog

Anonymous said...

Just think of the shit Coombe will get on the blog. I love how our friendly senators (Hi Nick and Dillon!) are the ones to post. Wow I see some serious ass-kissing.

dggoddard said...

Bobby Coombe, never a friend of the democratic process, only allows persons with DU ID's to post. Plus he has a "gatekeeper" monitoring comments.

It would be interesting if you "borrowed" someone's ID # and left a negative post. Would your scholarship be reduced?