JP Testwuide Enrolled In "Playoff Beard Contest"

(above) J.P. Testwuide's Playoff Beard is coming in nicely

The Houston Aeros (AHL) signed University of Denver Alum JP Testwuide to an amateur tryout contract for the remainder of the 2008-09 season. J.P. has appeared in three of the Aeros ten playoff games.

The big news is that the Aeros are having a beard growing contest and fans can vote for the "Sickest Beard Contest." Since J.P.'s fanbase in Houston is probably a little thin right now, it looks like LetsGoDU is going to have to pull off a "Danny King" and rig this election. Send an email to the Aeros and vote for J.P.
Send the name of your vote to and reasoning behind your choice can’t hurt. The judges can be bribed. The beards will be revisited as the playoffs roll on and the winner will be announced and probably awarded a Bic razor when the playoffs are through.


Ms. Conduct said...

FYI, Constantine has moved JP up to forward because he felt his grit and competitiveness were more valuable up front. Curious what you guys who are familiar with him think about that.

Anonymous said...

Good for J.P. Every coach wants a guy who can win puck battles and has a high compete level.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite lines the last few years was the Cookie Monster line (Handza, Testwuide, Cook). They were placed against the other team's top line and were lock down. I think he can suceed at forward but he can't take as many penalties.

Aluuum said...

Testi is a great kid. I know his mom and dad. But I always thought he was better as one of those big power forewards then as a defensman. I never saw much better then "average" as a defenseman and his strong presence in the offensive end was negated.