CU Removes Diversity Officer In Cost Cutting Move

(left) CU President Bruce Benson is cutting wasteful diversity spending, while DU Chancellor Coombe sings "Kumbaya" at multicultural pep rallies

Last week the University of Colorado announced budget cuts and layoffs, while the University of Denver has been wasting millions of dollars on multiculturalism, diversity issues and Pep Rallies touting "inclusive excellence."

Tuition & fees have risen every year that Chancellor Robert Coombe has been at the helm of the University of Denver. Despite spending millions of dollars on multiculturalism, DU's student body doesn't appear to be any more diverse today than it was when Coombe became Chancellor.

In a cost cutting move announced last week, the University of Colorado is even going so far as to remove a systemwide "Diversity Officer" from the payroll. Clearly, CU has realized that diversity initiatives are a waste of money, don't actually increase diversity and just add to bloated payrolls.
"The eliminated positions include the system's vice president for academic affairs and research, the systemwide diversity officer (within the next year) -- and all 6.5 full-time equivalent positions (nine employees total) at the Silver and Gold Record (a faculty newspaper), essentially eliminating the publication."
Chancellor Coombe needs to emulate the University of Colorado and cut millions more from the DU budget, especially in the area of multiculturalism and pass the cost savings along to students and parents.

He needs to bring back Boone, which will surely raise hundreds of thousands in increased merchandise sales and he needs to further reduce wasteful spending to decrease tuition and fees.


Anonymous said...

You know a major part of the problem is that the Chancellor is not schooled in the ways of business...he needs to get a clue.

dggoddard said...

Maybe we could enroll him in the Daniels School of Business evening classes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe diversity goes beyond just the numbers of non-white students on this campus. Students who are underrepresented need services, and students who think that diversity efforts should be cut from the university need workshops and opportunities to increase understanding and awareness of why diversity is important. I admire the Chancellor's dedication to diversity and his campus wide statement renouncing Boone as the official DU mascot. Boone is offensive and assumes that our University supports ignorance of white privilege and cultural superiority.

dggoddard said...

What if certain students don't feel like attending said workshops? Is DU going to charge them $45,000 and ram this junk down their throats?

DU ought to let students be students and study what interests them.

The original Boone was a cartoon & new mascot has ethnically ambiguous skin color. The Pioneers that settled Colorado were of every race, creed, color & both sexes. The Boone mascot is just a fictional representation of those early settlers.

The Chancellor can do what he wants, but going against the wishes of 90% of alumni and 80% of students is a recipe for failure. What does it say about his leadership that he can't convince more than a handful of students to see his vision?

Almost every university in the country allows its students to select their mascot. Chancellor Coombe won't allow our students that privilege. He's acting like a dictator because he doesn't like the outcome of an election.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:27

No, in your opinion an image of a male pioneer is offensive and supports ignorance of white privilege and cultural superiority.

There is nothing inherently offensive about a male pioneer. Some were wonderful and helped create this great country. Some were not. You project Boone to be offensive by conclusions you have drawn from stereotypes ingrained in our society. Sounds a lot like the rational and logic that you are most likely very offended by when it is directed at you or parties that you have an interest in.

Jordan said...

Speaking of costs and raising tuition, the TRASHCANS on campus cost over $1300. EACH. That's how dedicated DU is to its image.

Aluuum said...

Anon 5:27
I find it interesting that the liberals who preach all this inclusionist crap are quite venomous when opposing people with other views.

Pioneers04 said...

Aluum, I've seen ideologues on both sides of the political spectrum blindly shoot down their opponents views. Ideologues always shout the loudest, that is why moderates in any society always have problems getting their views heard.

puck swami said...

I am glad DU has $1300 trash bins. When you charge $45,000 to go to school there, you expect the campus to look worth it.

DU's campus looks amazing, and it's a big reason that people commit to the school.