CC's Top Recruit May Never Show Up On Campus

(left) CC recruit John Moore is weighing an offer to play in the OHL next season with the Kitchener Rangers

Note: The Pipeline Show Blog also speculated that Moore would probably go to the OHL

When Colorado College signed top recruit John Moore to a National Letter of Intent, there was a stunned silence from Pioneer Nation. Moore is considered to be a sure-fire first round draft choice in the NHL this summer, was considered to be one of the top defensemen in the USHL and was named USHL Player of the Year.

Several weeks ago Moore visited the Kitchener Rangers with his father and that sent off alarm bells among NCAA pundits.

Moore, who helped the U.S. Junior Select team capture a gold medal at the World Junior Challenge finished his second year playing for the Chicago Steel of the United States Hockey League. Moore (Winnetka, Ill.) was fourth among Steel scorers and second in defenseman-scoring.

Today Western College Hockey Blog announced that Moore was taken in the 2nd Round of the Ontario Hockey League draft and may sign with the Kitchener Rangers.

Moore isn't ready to make up his mind.

"It's a good problem to have," he said. "I have two tremendous options, Kitchener or Colorado College.
From WCH Blog

"Round 2 Pick 3 Kitchener: John Moore
- I mentioned that Moore was likely to get selected in this draft late in March, but forgot to mention it in my previews. Getting selected by Kitchener is better than London, but not by much. I don't think this changes the panic level at all for Colorado College fans, but it should have been pretty high to begin with. A lot of people are comparing him to John Carlson, which isn't fair since they're two different people, but the situations are certainly similar. Like Carlson last year, we should get a pretty good indication of what he's doing prior to the NHL Draft in June."


Aluuum said...

I have lost some of my enthusiasm for us getting these top first rounders. They only last one year ,or two years at the most. As a season ticket holder I always enjoyed watching our kids develop over their college career. The 04 team comes to mind: Ulanski, Bull,Dora etc.

Anonymous said...

in related news...texas wants to secede.

Anonymous said...

long live the Republic of Texas!!!


msbdu said...

Someone please, explain to me why a potential first round pick would go to CC. They doesn't have an arena, they haven't won since '57 (we don't count the banners hanging in the World Arena as championship).

Are the girls that good looking?

dggoddard said...

When Moore committed to CC in Dec. 2007 he was a skinny defenseman. He's blossomed into a terrific player.

It would be a real coup for CC to reel him in. The big recruiting battle begins now.

Anonymous said...

Scott Owens said last night at the team's banquet that Moore promised he's coming next season.

dggoddard said...

He was asked by the Kitchener General Manager, how he would feel about being drafted in the next coupe of picks and he replied, "it'd be pretty neat," said Moore.

"Then, he (GM) pulled the trigger and it was pretty cool."

Anonymous said...

Hey if he goes maybe you tools can beat CC next year. Your to be Seniors have 1 win against them. msbdu are you from Arkansas? Nice language.

msbdu said...

Pardon my typing Anon

Anonymous said...

Beating CC is not the ultimate goal for DU, dipshit. Winning a championship is.

Anonymous said...

obviously, winning a championship is never high on the tiggly-wigglies' "to-do list":

1) score some good smoke
2) toke that good smoke
3) try to avoid getting mono
4) go to doctor after failing at #3
5) get past that 1957 thingy

Anonymous said...

The real reason he is not going - no Lampyl 3-way then no way!

Anonymous said...

I don't think DU will be the only team in the WCHA beating down CC next season. GL in the lower half of the standings, maybe ahead of Tech.